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17-Jun-2016Design synthesis and biophysical evaluation of novel angiotensin ii and combretastatin analogs comprising hydrogen bonding directed scaffoldsJedhe Ganesh SureshSanjayan G. J.
17-Jun-2016A study on chemical constituents and morphological properties of coarse and fine particulate matter in PunePipal Atar SinghSatsangi P. Gursumeeran
17-Jun-2016Exploration of tetrastigma sulcatum for anti fungal propertiesWaghole Ravindra JagannathNaik Dattatraya Gopal
26-Jul-2017Synthetic studies in terpenoidsMehra, M MBhattacharyya, S C
15-Apr-2016Synthesis of novel pyrrolochromenes pyrroloazepines 3 4 disubstituted pyrrols oxothiazolidines and evaluation of their biological activityDeshmukh Ganesh BabanraoPatil Sambhaji V.
15-Apr-2016Study of some fast brominations of aromatic substrates in aqueous solution using different reagents and different special techniques to elucidiate reaction mechanismBhore Jayashri BhimraoDangat Vijay Tatyarao
15-Apr-2016Synthesis and chemical modification of poly phenylene vinylene and polystyrene systems for energy applicationsChhatre Shraddha YashwantWadgaonkar Prakash.P. and Ogale Satishchandra B.
25-Apr-2016Extraction chromatographic separation studies of aluminium vanadium manganese copper lead and bismuth using n n octylaniline as a stationary phasePhule Sachin RangnathKuchekar S. R.
25-Apr-2016Synthesis and biological screening of azoles containing heterocyclesGadakh Amol V.Rindhe S. S.
25-Apr-2016Algorithm development for building and analysis of molecular clusters a quantum chemical studyYeole Sachin DilipGadre Shridhar R.