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25-Jun-2014Characterization of arsenite detoxifying bacteria and study the detoxification mechanisRawat, NehaKaushik, Pallavi; Krishna Mohan M
23-Apr-2018Biodiversity indices and web architecture of spider fauna in eastern region of RajasthanLawania, Krishna KantMathur, Priyanka
10-May-2016Bioremediation of arsenic contaminated soil using arsenite oxidizing bacteriaMobar, SanjoliBhatnagar, Pradeep; Krishna Mohan, M; Kaushik,Pallavi
22-Dec-2014Effect of microwave exposed food on the reproductive pattern of male Swiss Albino MicePriyankaMathur, Priyanka
27-May-2019Detoxification of arsenite AS iii using arsenite hyper tolerant bacteriaMathur, MeghaKaushik, Pallavi; Mohan, M Krishna
30-Jun-2014Teratological evaluation of formulated Dicofol and Deltamethrin in chick embryoBhaskar, NituShahani, Lata
10-May-2016A study to assess the physiological and psychological problems of aged and identify the support system available to them in selected urban community of Jaipur with a view to develop a guideline for the management of problemSharma, Jogendra KumarSharma, S.C
13-Feb-2019Phytochemical Studies of Verbesina encelioides Cavanilles Bentham and Hooker f ex A Gray and Ageratum conyzoides L and their bactericidal activityChauhan, AnitaRijhwani, Shilpi
10-May-2016Biodegradative potential of bacterial isolates from Common Effluent Treatment plant CETP of textile industries for azo dye degradationSharma, NehaBhatnagar, Pradeep; Chatterjee, Sreemoyee
11-May-2016A comparative phytochemical study of selected Jasminum L spp and their bioefficacyTomar, KamakshiRijhwani,Shilpi; Agarwal, Kalpana