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5-Oct-2016Measurement of free volumes and thermal properties of standard polymeric materials and natural rubber using Positron Annihilation Lifetime Spectroscopy and Differential Scanning CalorimetryArunava MandalAsimita Sengupta
11-Jul-2016To study the effect of early intervention programme on the reading performance of children with learning difficultySarkar, ArundhitiDas, Namita and Mohanty, Atasi
11-Jul-2016Geographical analysis of the dimensions of population characteristics in Jharkhand StateJay Prakash RajakMalik, U.S. and Sinha, B.R.K.
11-Jul-2016Search of novel methodologyies for the transformation of some key functional groups involving zinc tetrafluoroborate and other simple reagentsShrishnu Kumar KunduMajee, Adinath
11-Jul-2016Fluoride toxicity in Zebrafish Danio rerio expression of toxicology biomarker genesDebdip Mukhopadhyay
11-Jul-2016Problems and accumulation and disposal of solid wastes and their management in BurdwanBiswajit MondalDebashis Das
11-Jul-2016Assesment of gladiolus varieties for yield and yield attributing traitsSanghamitra PattnaikPaul, Amitava and Lenka, Pravu Charan
11-Jul-2016Phytase producing bacteria from fresh fish gut and their application in formulation of plant basedSuhas Kumar DanArun Kumar Ray
11-Jul-2016Arsenic induced thyrotoxicity and testicular toxicity in mice amelioration by seleniumSanghamitra DasSaha, Samar Kumar and Sinhababu, Santiprasad
11-Jul-2016Effect of moderate exercise on female hormonesMousumi DeySamiran Mondal