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Upload DateTitleResearcherGuide(s)
27-Jan-2020A catalytic synthetic approach and biological studies of some heterocyclic compoundsParmar, Nilesh DJoshi, H S
26-May-2017Analytical method development and validation of some drug and their related compoundKathiriya, Pinakin PKhunt, Ranjan C
18-Feb-2014Analytical method development and validation studies of some bioactive compoundsPandya,Gavrang PJoshi, H S
3-Nov-2011Analytical study of pharmaceutical substances: method development and validation study: few case studiesKaila, Harshad OShah, Anamika
16-Nov-2017Characterization and identification of potent biologically active compounds by spectroscopic and x ray diffraction methodJadeja, Yashwantsinh SShah, Anamik K
19-Jan-2017Design synthesis biological evaluation with in silico studies of some bioactive compoundsRadadiya Ashish, KShah Anamik
17-Jan-2020Design synthesis characterization and biological evaluation of some heterocyclic entities of medicinal plantsVekariya, Mitesh BJoshi, H S
10-Jun-2015Heterocyclic analogues of medicinal interestVilapara, Kalpesh VNaliapar, Y T
26-Apr-2012Instrumental and analytical study of active pharmaceutical ingredients and bio active moleculesSaravaiam, Hitesh TShah, Anamik K
4-Nov-2011Method development and analytical study of some Apis and related productsAmbasana, MrunalShah, Anamik
28-Jan-2020Novel heterocycles by the application of homogenous catalysisPandya, Dhananjay KNaliapara, Y T
26-Jul-2018Phisico Chemical Investigation of some Thermosetting Resins and their Fiber reinforced compositiesThanki J. D.Parsania P. H.
18-Jul-2016Physico chemical and biological studies of some new heterocycles chemical entitiesNandha,Kajal HBaluja,Shipra
7-Aug-2015Physio chemical studies of some hybrid compositesBhatt, Ritesh DParsania, P H
24-Jan-2017Studies and biological evaluation of some compounds of therapeutic interestBhuva, Nayan HShah, V H
4-Mar-2016Studies on analytical applications of some synthetic compoundsDhaduk,Bhavin BabulalParsania, P H
27-Jan-2017Studies on analytical applications of some synthetic compoundsDhaduk, Bhavin BabulalParsania, P H
30-Aug-2018Studies on analytical aspects of some synthetic compoundsPatel, Chirag BParsania, P H
17-Jan-2020Studies on azine derivatives of medicinal interestPandit, Archana BLadva, K D
28-May-2018Studies on bioactive heterocyclic compoundsThumar, Nilesh MLadva, K D