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27-Jan-2021Studies on novel rule based system using fuzzy petri netsMEHER TAJ SKUMARAVEL A
28-Jan-2021Experimental studies on the improvement of performence of a diesel engine using karanja biodieselMANICKAM A RRAJAN K
27-Jan-2021Digital Knowledge Management in the University Library and Information Centers in Chennai Madras an Analytical StudySEKAR KKASI RAO V
28-Jan-2021Investigation on corrosion behaviour and microbial growth inhibition using non toxic antimicrobial drugs in aqueous environmentCHITRA SANAND B
28-Jan-2021Structural molecular and biochemical analysis of mesenchymal stem cells from different human pre and post natal tissues in order to understand the therapeutic potentialVIJAYA BHASKAR REDDY KONALARAJARSHI PAUL
2-Feb-2021Development of coastal shipping in india with special reference to container tradeASHA T KJOSE PAUL
2-Feb-2021A study on the performance evaluation of bancassurance with reference to state bank of india life insurance company limited vizianagaram andhra pradeshHYMAVATHI KUMARI TRAJASEKAR D
2-Feb-2021A study on current issues and challenges in the management of logistics companiesBHUVANESWARI KRAJASEKAR D
2-Feb-2021Penetration strategies of cement industry into marketing maze of competitors using business to business relationships and management of air pollution around cement factories using indigenous floraASHUTOSH KUMARSHAMEEM A, JAYAPRAKASHVEL M
2-Feb-2021Testing fluency for the first generation tertiary learners an experimental studyTHANESH UKANAGAMANI BALASUBRAMANIAN