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18-Oct-2016A greens function approach to generate exactly solvable quantum potentials in d dimensional spaceSaikia, NilamoniAhmed, S A S
10-Feb-2016Studies on x ray and neutron emission from a low energy plasma focus deviceTalukdar NayanBorthakur Tridip Kumar
17-Oct-2016A study of heavy light flavour mesons in a QCD inspired quark model using approximation methodsHazarika, Bhaskar JyotiChoudhury, Dilip Kumar
17-Oct-2016Studies of thin film polyaniline pani nanocomposites and fabrication of junctions based on them for various characteristics including gas sensing propertiesSaikia, Pronob JyothiRahman, Atowar
6-Jan-2017Some studies on synthesis characterization and properties of cds and zns nanoparties of nanostructured filmsMochahari Prince KumarSarma K.C.
11-Jun-2018Electrical and optical properties of unpassivated and passivated nanoporous siliconDas MintuSarkar Deepali
26-Mar-2019Studies of magnetars as gamma ray bursters and other exotic eventsKader AbdulDuorah Kalpana
25-Jan-2019Origin of the neutrino masses and mixings and their radiative corrections at low energy scalesSingh K SSingh Nimai
17-Sep-2018Understanding on growth and development processes of the lower atmospheric turbulences leading to the severe weather conditions at the subtropical environment by using remote sensing techniquesZahan YasminDevi Minakshi and Ray K.P.
7-Jan-2020A study on the applicability of atmospheric pressure glow discharge plasma for growth of carbon nanostructuresSharma BikashPal Arup Ratan