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1-Jan-2016Crystallographic structure analysis of some organic compounds by xray diffraction techniquesKarmakar, SanjibTalukdar, A N
4-Jan-2016Determination of trace elements in some commonly used medicinal plants and the study of their biological significanceMohanta, BidhanBoruah, Mandira
6-Jan-2016Studies on the hydrogen burning cycles on accreting neutron star surfaceBardoloi, IndiraDuorah, H L
8-Jan-2016On the thermal expansion of rareearth oxides polycrystalline oxides of cerium praseodymium and erbium by xray diffraction methodHatibarua, JajneswarMahanta, Paban Chandra
4-Jan-2016The crystal and molecular structures of some organic compoundsHannan, Salima ShoukatTalukdar, A N
4-Jan-2016Accreting neutron star as a source of soft xray transients cosmic radiation and gamma ray line spectrumBaruah, MonmoyuriBardoloi, Indira
4-Jan-2016A study on the emission of radiation from active galactic nucleiBorah, Surendra NathDuorah, H L
5-Jan-2016Studies on the thermophysical properties of some locally available kaolinite clay minerals and their complexes with different chemicals by xrays and other physical methodsSaikia, RajanishBora, Mohendra Nath
8-Jan-2016Studies of some potent medicinal plants of north east India with respect to thermo physical chromatographic and crystallographic propertiesKalita, MahendraBora, Mohendra Nath
31-Dec-2015Investigation of crystal and molecular structures of few chemical compounds by xray diffraction methodsPurkayastha, PratyushTalukdar, A N