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Title: The Social Contribution of Jain Community With Sepical Reference of Solapur city of 1947 to 2002
Researcher: DEOKAR CHARU J
University: Solapur University
Completed Date: 16-03-2017
Abstract: newlineIntroduction :- Since 19th century the tradition of studying Indian culture scientifically is carried out by many great researchers. This research threw light on bounteous and varied Indian culture, until 20th century Indian culture was considered pre-eminent in terms of religion manners and morality. But instead of Live and let live it is transformed in to live and don t let live in modern times. This is because of the degradation of religious education, religious morals, theories and materialistic way of life. The fundamental principles ahinsa (Non-Violence) and aparigraha (NonPossessiveness) are Most necessary for the world peace. Infact the true religion is that which causes worldy as well as spiritual elevation. There was an intellectual movement taking place in 6th century B.C in estern India i.e. south east Bihar in magadha. There was a distinction between followers of vedic dharma and non-vedic shramanhs. Among many sects one of the sect was known as Nirgrantha sect. the 24th Teerthankar Mahaveer got the title Jin and this sect is called the sect of Jains. As per Jain tradition the Jain religion originated from Rushabhdev and they believe their religion as eternal. Among the Teerthanker s First i.e. Rishabhdev and 24th Mahaveer are believed to be historical / prominent Teerthanker s. Jainism believes in rebirth and karmavada. With time Jain religion got divided in to two sects, digamber and shwetamber Bhadrabahu and his followers are known as Digamber dakshini Jain and Sthulbahu and his followers are called Shwetamber . Jain religion spread newline newline newline3 newlinerapidly under the Rashtrakut rulers in south India in the 3rd century B.C. Chandragupta Maurya took the vow of sallekhana and left the mortal world. In the second half of the 19th century the members of Jain religion brought about a social reformation in Solapur. Despite being a minority, the Jains have contributed in the development of Solapur.
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