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13-Feb-2019Studies of Tecomacastanifolia D Don Melch Flower extracts on in vitro and in vivo Anticancer potential against Breast cancerR. VIDHYAALBIN T. FLEMING
13-Feb-2019Investigation On The Tail Fan Necrosis In Lobsters Reared In Culture And Fattening SystemsV.A. LESLIEA. Margaret Muthu Rathinam
13-Feb-2019Screening Optimization And Partial Purification Of An Extra Cellular Protease And Lipase Enzymes And Their Applications From Freshwater Fish Inhabiting Bacteria Proteus MirabilisN. DEEPAR. USHA
8-Jan-2019Ecofriendly Bioremediation Of Textile Azo Dyes By Textile Effluent Acclimatized Bacterial Strains Under Aerobic ConditionsS. ASWIN KUMARIndra
8-Jan-2019Effect of Green Microalgae chlorella vulgaris On Production Reproduction Performance Myogenesis hormone and Gene Expression Study In Japanese Quails Cotunix coturnix japonicaAmirtha.NRevathi.K
21-May-2019Species Diversity Of The Whiteflies Hemiptera Aleyrodidae Of Eastern Ghats IndiaVIMALA, DS. PRABAKARAN
21-May-2019Host Plant Association Ecology And Botanical Biopesticides For Control Of Cucurbit Fruit Flies In Tamil Nadu IndiaT. AMSAM.S. NALINA SUNDARI
21-May-2019Studies On Isolation And Characterization Of Protein From Cuttlefish Sepia Prabahari And Its Efficacy Against Human Cancer Cell LinesS. SHIVA SHAKTHIC. ARULVASU
17-Jun-2019Antimicrobial Anticancer And Larvicidal Activity Of Green Synthesized Silver Nano Particles From Justicia Adhatoda LB. RAMYAINDRA .V
26-Aug-2019Effect Of Tannin On Tunicamycin Induced Stress In Endoplasmic Reticulum In Vitro And In Vivo StudiesS. SIVARANJANIC. Arulvasu