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28-Jul-2017A study on the characteristic trends in the social habits and skills of schizophrenics reflected in their self evaluationAcharya, ArpitaBhattacharya, N K
28-Jul-2017A cross sectional study on the characteristic changes in some selected psychological variables of breast cancer patients under different stages of chronicityMukherjee, TilottamaNath, Dipes Chandra
28-Jul-2017Self concept anxiety and depression of Vitiligo cases and peoples attitude towards themGhosh, RituparnaNath, Dipesh Chandra
28-Jul-2017A study on the psychological and biophysical variables of the mentally retardatesPal, TapashiMandal, J
28-Jul-2017Value self concept and need in product preferenceMitra, RanjanaGhoshal, Arup Kumar
28-Jul-2017A study of the impact of slum environment on certain social and psychological aspects of the dwellers lifeBhattacharyya, SwahaDasgupta, S K
28-Jul-2017To study rehabilitational potentialities of educable and trainable mentally retarded individualsD E, LipikaBhattacharyya, N K
28-Jul-2017A study on the perceived physical environment social environment and changing values of younger generation of a group of elderly people living in old age home and in family setting of Kolkata cityMukherjee, MonimalaBhattacharya, Swaha
28-Jul-2017A study on the quality of life variables in the industrial towns and their neighbourhoods with reference to reported crime Rates for a decadeSinha, PoonamDasgupta, S K
28-Jul-2017A study of romantic motive and mental health in relation to creativity of male painters and non paintersAich, Raj Sekharn.d.