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28-Jul-2017Exploring the quality of life its relationship with consumer behaviour in the city of CalcuttaRay, SriyaDasgupta, Snehanshu Kumar
28-Jul-2017A study on the characteristic trends in the social habits and skills of schizophrenics reflected in their self evaluationAcharya, ArpitaBhattacharya, N K
28-Jul-2017A study of the impact of slum environment on certain social and psychological aspects of the dwellers lifeBhattacharyya, SwahaDasgupta, S K
28-Jul-2017To study rehabilitational potentialities of educable and trainable mentally retarded individualsD E, LipikaBhattacharyya, N K
28-Jul-2017A study on the factors influencing the acceptance of a small family concept amongst the slum dwellers in the metropolitan city of CalcuttaD E, SuparnaBasu, R
28-Jul-2017A study of attitude of rural and urban Bengali men and women of different age groups coming from upper and lower socio economic status with reference to their personality self esteem and achievement motivation towards working and non working Bengali womenBandyopadhyay, SushmitaMandal, J M
28-Jul-2017A probe into rural talent deprivation vis a vis intelligence creativity and occupational orientationAdhikari, SamiranjanMandal, J M
28-Jul-2017A study of creativity intelligent achievement motivation and personal traits of low average and high academic achievers including rank achievers in public secondary examinationNiyogi, RajasriMondal, J M
10-Jul-2017A study on the relationships between altruistic attitudes locus of behaviour control and family relationships of adolescent Bengalee girls and their mothersGhosh, RatnabaliChatterjee, A K
10-Jul-2017A study on the personality disposition and attitudes towards child rearing practices of mothers with a cerebral palsied childNayak, SusamaBhattacharyya, N K