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Upload DateTitleResearcherGuide(s)
4-Jun-2018A study on conscious and unconscious aspects of motivation of the rural and urban people in the area of self employmentRay, AnjaliRoy, S N
4-Jun-2018Construction of a criminal motive apperception test for identifying the possibilities of a suspects involvement with criminal behaviourGhosh, Nirod RanjanBose, Sukumar
28-Jul-2017Crowding and environment a study on the determinants of crowding behaviour in residents of single room housing units of Bombay and Calcutta citiesKannampuzha, George JBose, Sukumar
28-Jul-2017Influence of self esteem and achievement motivation on job involvement a group difference studyGhosh, GautamDeb, Subimal
28-Jul-2017Adaptation and standardization of the comrey personality scales to explore the psycho diagnostic potentials with psychotics neurotics and psychosomatic disordered subjectsBhattacharyya, SilaDasgupta, S K
28-Jul-2017Ranking of job factors group morale and level of job satisfaction of subordinate rank of policeGangopadhyay, AbhijitDeb, Subimel
28-Jul-2017Identification of certain components of motivation present in the self employed adultsRay, AnjaliBose, Sukumar
28-Jul-2017A Probe in the work supervision practice in Calcutta based pharmaceutical industry of West Bengal as reported by management staffs and workers under their controlSinha, SantanuBose, Sukumar
28-Jul-2017A study on the perception of most preferred colour of observers in order to identify its actual objective measures for counselling colour industryChattopadhyay, IndraniBose, Sukumar
28-Jul-2017Social psychological determinants of the migratory rural students and their adjustment problemsGangopadhyay, Mihir KumarDeb, Subimal