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23-Oct-2017Region of difference1 RD1 related immunogenicity of mycobacterium tuberculosis in murine hostChatterjee SamitDas Gobardhan
25-Jan-2017Role of mycobacterium tuberculosis secreted proteins in modulation of the host cell immune functionsAgarwal, RichaSharma, Pawan
25-Jan-2017Studies towards synthesis and selection of de novo proteins as potent inhibitors of crucial protein protein interactions of mycobacterium tuberculosisTharad, MeghaRangnathan, Anand
25-Jan-2017Development of a murine model of HIV 1 subtype C infection and role of Nef in viral pathogenesisAqil, MadeehaJameel, Shahid
28-Oct-2016Mycobacterium tuberculosis evades host immunity by recruiting mesenchymal stem cellsRaghuvanshi,ShilpaDas, Govrdhan
28-Oct-2016Dengue serotype 2 envelope domain III as a chimeric Hepatitis B core proteinArora,UpasanaKhanna, Navin
28-Oct-2016Role of prostaglandins in the modulation ofT cell responsesKaul, VandanaDas,Gobardhan
28-Oct-2016Liability for environmental damage with special reference to armed conflictsAbasbasirDesai, Bharat H.
28-Oct-2016Research on development of tolcv resistance transgenic tomato plants by amirnasTien,Vu VanChauhan,Virander S.
19-Oct-2016Isolation and characterization of myb28 gene homo logs a class of transcription factor from brassica uncea and its role in the development of low glucosinolate b uncea linesAugustine,RehnaBisht, Naveen C.
16-Feb-2015Experimental investigations on physical properties of some novel liquid crystals with banana shaped and rod like moleculesKundu BrindabanPratibha, R.
16-Feb-2015Identification and characterization of host factors especially Origin Recognition Complex and Rad54 proteins and elucidation of their functional roles in Geminiviral DNA replicationKaliappan KosalaiMukherjee Sunil Kumar
16-Feb-2015Regulation and Stability of the Intermediates in the B Cell signalingChaudhari, Virendra KumarRao, Kanury V S
16-Feb-2015Analysis of interaction of Crylc protien from bacillus thuringinesis with aminopeptidase N receptor of spodoptera lituraKaur, RavinderBhatnagar, Raj K
16-Feb-2015Cooperativity between BCR and IL4 receptor signaling pathwaysAflakian, NooshinRao, Kanury V S
16-Feb-2015Development and maintenance of memory B cells in response to Plasmodium Jalciparum target vaccine antigens PfMSP 119 and PfMSP:3F in BALB:c miceKafuye, Mwanaidi YahyaChauhan V S
16-Feb-2015Characterization of Intracellular mechanisms regulating Imnune response to mycobacteria by mycobacterium tuberculosis secretory antigen differentiated dendritic CellsGupta, ShashankNatarajan, Krishnamurthy
16-Feb-2015Identification and characterization of Box em small nucleolar RNA (snoRNA) in malaria parasitesMishra, Prakash ChandraSharma, Amit
6-Jan-2015Studies on functional molecules of malaria parasite monoclonal antibody mediated identification and characterizationTiwari AjitVarshney Girish C
6-Jan-2015Molecular analyses of spodoptera litura immunityThamilarasi KBhatnagar Raj K
Collection's Items (Sorted by Upload Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 103