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24-Sep-2018Study of predisposing factors and environmental effects on diabetes mellitusGhosh, ArunimaDe, Madhisnata
31-Oct-2017Evaluation of the healing potential of natural and or synthetic phenolic compounds against indomethacin induced gastropathy an insight into mechanism of actionYadav, Sudhir KumarMitra, P K
31-Oct-2017Characterizing the functional nodule environment to understand the plant microbe interactionMaiti, Debasisn.d.
31-Oct-2017Biochemical study on the role of phosphoinositides in the biogenesis of tyrosinase the key enzyme in the melanin synthesisBhowmick, DebajitSiddhanta, Anirban
14-Aug-2018Understanding bio molecular networks of cellular processes using computational biology approachMandloi, SapanChakrabarti, Saikat
27-Jul-2017Isolation of the enzymes laccase and pectinase from termite soil - Characterisation and modification of their activities using nanoparticlesMukhopdhyay, ArkaChakrabarti, Krishanu
31-Oct-2017Evaluation of phyllanthus amarus Schum and Thonn family Euphorbiaceae as drug supplement in bilirubin clearance in neonatal jaundiceMaity, SoumyaMazumder, Santasree
28-Jul-2017Identification of candidate tumor suppressor genes and oncogenes loci in human chromosome 3 associated with the development of uterine cervical carcinomaMitra, SraboniPanda, Chinmay Kumar
15-Dec-2017Studies on the pentose phosphate pathway of Leishmania Donovani Its role in oxidative stress toleranceGhosh, Ayan KumarDas, Pradeep
15-Dec-2017Investigations on arsenic toxicity in a fish model under proteomics platformBanerjee, SudeshnaMohanty, B. P.