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15-Jun-2017Studies on the antimicrobial properties of some phytochemicals from higher plantsGhosh, Susanta KumarChandra, A K
15-Jun-2017Tissue culture of some economically important plants with a view to their improvement and their biochemical studies to note some changes during differentiation cultureChakrabarti, SubrataRoy, Satyesh Chandra
20-Jun-2017Histo physiological and biochemical studies of some salt tolerant plants in Indian SundarbansNaskar, SaikatPalit, Pratip Kumar
25-Jul-2017Characterization of selenium toxicity on the growth and metabolism of higher plantsBandyopadhyay, SamitaMukherji, Subhendu
20-Jun-2017Investigation on the susceptibility of rice plants to helminthosporium infection in relation to the age of plants and nitrogen content of the soilMukhopadhyay, RatnaPurkayastha, R P
19-Jul-2017Cytological study of the interrelationships of aloinae and some other genera of higher plants and cytochemical investigations dealing with nucleoprotein metabolism with special reference to the behaviour of chromosomesMallick, RanajitSharma, A K
16-Jun-2017Study of a few medicinal plants for secondary metabolite production by in vivo and in vitro experimentsBose, PompeyaChaudhury, Rajat Kanti
21-Jun-2017Isolation of growth regulators from tropical plantsIyer, R IndiraNagar, P K
20-Jun-2017Cytotaxonomy of certain flowering plants with special reference to the subfamily caesalpinieae and effect of certain organic compounds on chromosome behaviourChatterjee, ParnaSharma, A K
20-Jun-2017Studies on the cytology of different orchid genera and a number of other angiospermous plants and response of chromosomes to treatments with different agentsChattopadhyay, Asoke KumarSharma, A K