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4-Jun-2018Phytolectins their isolations characterizations quantifications and actions on plant tissues and cell membranesGhosh, BiswanathSircar, P K
13-May-2019Studies on miRNA expression and regulation during alternaria stress response in tomatoSarkar, DeeptiKundu, Pallob
4-Jun-2019Studies on phytoplankton diversity of different ecological niches in relation to nutrient dynamicsRoy, Anindita SinghaPal, Ruma
9-May-2019Development of Oxalate free fungal tolerant vegetableGhosh, SudipChakraborty, Subhra and Poddar, Mousumi
9-May-2019Evaluation of atmospheric pollen counts of Kolkata and immuno biochemical studies on some allergenic pollen grainsGhosh, NandiniBhattacharyya, Swati Gupta
27-May-2019Molecular approaches for developing tolerance in Chickpea to Fusarium infection and pod borer infestationChakraborty, JoydeepDas, Sampa
3-Jun-2019Evaluation of anti proliferative properties of some natural products of plant origin on cervical cancer cell linesPaul, SubhabrataKundu, Rita
3-Jun-2019Analysis of different species and varieties of Tabernaemontana using chromosomal biochemical and molecular parametersSamanta, DipuMukhopadhyay, Sandip
3-Jun-2019Signaling role of nitric oxide on elicitor induced alteration of defense gene expression and enzyme activity in tomato against Fusarium oxysporum f sp LycopersiciChakraborty, NilanjanAcharyya, Krishnendu
3-Jun-2019Study of chickpea Cicer arietinum L transcriptome and molecular cloning of candidate geneBiswas, SushmitaChakraborty, Subhra and Sarkar, Mousumi Poddar