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20-Jun-2017Alterations in the structure and behaviour of chromosomes through treatments with physical and chemical agencies and chromosome studies in relation to taxonomy of some vascular plantsChaudhuri, Rajat KantiSharma, A K
20-Jun-2017Cytotaxonomic investigation on some monocotyledonous and dicotyledonous members and study on the differentiated nature of chromosome segmentsPal, Ranjit KumarSharma, A K
20-Jun-2017Application of electrophoretic techniques in the assessment of genetic variations of human haemoglobins and chromosome interrelationship in certain plant taxaAjmani, ManjuSharma, Archana
21-Jun-2017Study of chromosome structure and behaviour in certain mammalian cell systems in cultureMulherkar, RitaSharma, Archana
21-Jun-2017The use of chromosome bonding techniques in determination of chromosomal natureChadhuri, AlpanaGhosh, S
20-Jun-2017Cytotaxonomy of certain flowering plants with special reference to the subfamily caesalpinieae and effect of certain organic compounds on chromosome behaviourChatterjee, ParnaSharma, A K
20-Jun-2017Karyo morphological studies in certain dicotyledonous taxa with special reference to species of medicinal valueBanerjee, Pradyot KumarSharma, A K
21-Jun-2017Taxonomic studies of the family malvaceae of IndiaPal, Tapas KumarNayar, M P
20-Jun-2017Studies on the factors affecting modifications of chromosome behaviour by different agents and importance of chromosome study in tracing species affinitiesChatterjee, TarapadaSharma, A K
25-Jul-2017Response to in vitro methodology and chromosome study of some liliaceous taxaNayak, SanghamitraSen, Sumitra