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26-Jul-2017Investigations on certain aspects of the biology of some wood rotting basidiomycetesNandi, BalenBanerjee, S N
4-Jun-2018Study of the chromosomal changes in evolution and an analysis of certain factors affecting alteration of chromosome size in evolutionChattopadhyay, AlpanaSharma, A K
20-Jun-2017Analysis of genetic variants through the application of electrophoretic methods in different living organisms and chromosome study in certain plant speciesBaksi, ShyamaSharma, Archana
21-Jun-2017Effects on certain herbicides on germination and growth of cassia sophera var purpureaRay, LilyDatta, S C
15-Jun-2017Micropropagation of certain economic important plants and study of biochemical and other changes during differentiationKhotre, ManjushaRoy, Satyesh Chandra
21-Jun-2017Genotoxicity of kokam garcinia Indica and its modulatory effects on certain carcinogen induced mutationsDas, AparajitaMukherjee, Anita
21-Jun-2017Biochemical and cytogenetical studies on the effect of certain environmental chemicals and also of irradiation on several seeds during the processes of germinationChakraborti, MahuaChatterjee, G C
26-Jul-2017Comparative effects of certain heavy metals on cell and chromosome division in higher organismsRay, HaimantiSharma, Archana
28-Jul-2017Effects of certain environmental pollutants on mammalian chromosomes and their componentsBanerjee, RatnaSharma, Archana
21-Jun-2017Ecophysiological studies on certain leguminous speciesMajumdar, SonaDatta, S C