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21-Jun-2017Studies on antifungal antibiotics produced by Streptomyces SpMukhopadhyay, SibaniChandra, A L
21-Jun-2017Effects of herbicides on plant chromosomes and their chemical constituents under in vitro and in vivo conditionsChand, SureshRoy, S C
21-Jun-2017Aerobiology of pollen grains in West Bengal in the context of environmental pollution and respiratory allergyMandal, SudhenduChanda, Sunirmal
26-Jul-2017Chromosome studies in some monocotyledonous genera with special reference to the importance of ecological factors in their evolutionChaudhuri, Jaladhi BhushanSharma, Archana
20-Jun-2017Studies on the tertiary flora of India with special reference to the microflora of the Himalayan foot hillsNandi, Bharatin.d.
4-Jun-2018Study of the chromosomal changes in evolution and an analysis of certain factors affecting alteration of chromosome size in evolutionChattopadhyay, AlpanaSharma, A K
27-Jul-2017A study of the chromosomal and associated changes in the evolution of some species propagating principally through vegetative means with special reference to those induced by physical agentsBhattacharyya, DipasriSharma, A K
20-Jun-2017Application of electrophoretic techniques in the assessment of genetic variations of human haemoglobins and chromosome interrelationship in certain plant taxaAjmani, ManjuSharma, Archana
20-Jun-2017Use of electrophoretic techniques in the study of genetic polymorphisms in certain human serum proteins in the normal population in comparison with malignancy and chromatographic techniques in comparing the alkaloid contents of normal and x ray mutants of certain medicinal plantsThomas, RachelSharma, Archana
20-Jun-2017Cytological study on certain genera of cruciferae and the effect of certain herbicides on chromosomesDev, KumkumSharma, A K