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26-Sep-20141,2 Cyclopropanated sugars:Reactions and synthetic utilityRamana, C VNagarajan,M
12-Sep-20181,2-Cyclopropanated Sugars as Novel Glycosyl Donors in Oligosaccharide SynthesisVenukkumar, PattetiSridhar, Perali Ramu
18-Oct-2018A divergent approach to benzofuran inspired macrocycles and eribulin fragment based hybrid compoundsJimmidi, RavikumarArya, Prabhat
18-Oct-2018A divergent approach to tetrahydroquinoline based macrocycles and rapamycin fragment derived hybrid moleculesReddy, Shiva Krishna GuduruArya, Prabhat
18-Oct-2018A new avenue for gold catalyzed hydration of propargyl acetates and hydrative cyclization of yne tethered ynamides synthesis of n heterocyclesGhosh, NayanKumar, Akhila Sahoo
14-Jul-2016Allenes and Allenylphosphonates in C C and C X X O S Bond Formation and Cyclodiphosphazane ClP and#956; N t Bu2 as a Ligand in Cross Coupling ReactionsRama Suresh, RSwamy, K C Kumara
5-Jul-2016Allenylphosphonates utility in c c and C x x n o bond forming reactions and reactivity of phoshorus iiij compounds with activated alkynes alkenes and allenesBhuvan Kumar, N NKumara Swamy, K C
14-Jul-2016Application of baylis hillman acetates studies towards development of strategies for synthesis of substituted indenes 1 2 3 triazolo 1 4 benzoxazonines and pyrimidin 4 3h onesReddy, Bhavanam SekharaBasavaiah, D
12-Sep-2018Application of baylis hillman acetates studies towards development of strategies for synthesis of substituted indenes triazolo benzoxazonines and pyrimidin onesReddy, Bhavanam SekharaBasavaiah, B
8-Jul-2016Applications of the baylis hillman adducts towards development of novel strategies for synthesis of spiro and heterocyclic compoundsReddy, Raju Jannapu
30-Jun-2016Approaches to rational drug design insights into molecules of therapeutic interestVema, ApanaDesiraju, Gautam R.
14-Jul-2016Approaches towards the total synthesis of bioactive macrolides leucascandrolide a amphidinolactone a and aspergillide BPattanayak, Manas RanjanYadav, J S
12-Sep-2018Approaches towards the total synthesis of bioactive natural products nhatrangin a brevisamide putaminoxin 11 and 11 methoxycurvularinsAnde, RajuYadav, J S
29-Jun-2016Baylis Hillman reaction a novel corbon corbon bond forming reactionGowriswari, V V LBasavaiah, D
24-Mar-2011Baylis-Hillman chemistry: novel organic transformations and applicationsKumaragurubaran, NBasavaiah, D
5-Jul-2016Baylishillman adducts as valuable synthons development of simple methodologies for synthesis of substituted maleimides maleic anhydrides benzofuranones indolizines and benzofused indolizinesDevendar, BaduguBasavaiah, D
13-Jul-2016Biochemical and biophysical investigations on the ligand binding and chaperone like activities of PDC 109Sankhala, Rajeshwer SinghSwamy, Musti J
29-Jun-2016Biophysical investigations on the interaction of the major bovine seminal plasma protein PDC 109 with model membranesAnbazhagan, VSwamy, Musti J
14-Jul-2016Blends and nanocomposites of sulfonated polystyrene and polybenzimidazoleHazarika, MousumiJana, Tushar
26-Sep-2014Bonding in polyhedral boranes qualitative electron counting rules and quantitative electronic structure studiesPancharatna, Pattath DJemmis, Eluvathingal D