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11-Feb-2021Synthesis of functionalized pyridines iodomuconates 2 5 dihydrofurans tetrahydrocarbazoles carbazoles and tetrahydropyrido 1 2 a indolesSakthivel SBalamurugan R
18-Feb-2021Synthetic methods based on electron transfer reactions using tertiary N Arylamine donorsGunda, Ananda RaoM Periasamy
18-Feb-2021Femtosecond LIBS studies of energetic molecules in the near and standoff regimesAbdul Kalam SRao, Soma Venugopal
18-Feb-2021Applications of amines for the synthesis of propargylamines and allenes and for the development of electron transfer reactionsLakavathu, MohanM Periasamy
12-Sep-2018Development of gold catalysed glycosylation reactions and tfoh promoted functionalization of unactivated ketonesRao, Koppolu SrinivasaBalamurugan R
12-Sep-2018Nano Micro Scale Organic Paramagnetic Materials Synthesis Characterization Self Assembly Optical Wave Guiding and Device StructureHui, PramitiChandrasekar, R.
12-Sep-20181,2-Cyclopropanated Sugars as Novel Glycosyl Donors in Oligosaccharide SynthesisVenukkumar, PattetiSridhar, Perali Ramu
12-Sep-2018Novel molecular and metallo supramolecular nano materials design synthesis processing and functional aspectsBasak, SupratimChandrasekar R
12-Sep-2018Synthesis and studies of novel polybenzimidazoles with improved properties for proton exchange membraneMaity, SudhangshuJana, Tushar
12-Sep-2018Psychosocial care in intensive care units impact on trauma and wellbeingChivukula, Venkata UshaHariharan, Meena