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30-Jun-2021Evaluation of souring control strategies in sandpacked bioreactors simulating oil fields of Rajasthan IndiaPrajapat, GanshyamAgrawal, Akhil
29-Jul-2021Bioprospecting of cyanobacteria thriving in semi arid regions of RajasthanTomer, Anuj KumarDadheech, Pawan K
5-Jan-2022Production characterization and application of thermostable chitinases from thermomyces lanuginosus for production of bioactive chitooligosaccharidesKumar, ManishPareek, Nidhi
5-Jan-2022Poly lacticcoglycolic acid nanoparticles mediated delivery of therapeutic molecules for the treatment of cancerSharma, NikitaNimesh, Surendra
5-Jan-2022Screening characterization and validation of small molecule inhibitors of Bacillus subtilis biofilm formationVerma, NidhiPandey, Janmejay
5-Jan-2022Occurrence and distribution of antibiotic resistance in aquaculture and poultry environmentSaharan, Vijay VeerSingh, Arvind Pratap
6-Jan-2022Evaluation of Uropathogenic E Coli UPEC in food animals to determine their potential zoonotic threat for public health and food safetyMeena, Prem RajSingh, Arvind Pratap
7-Jan-2022Development of microwave mediated pretreatment and enzymatic conversion of lignocellulosic biomass to ethanolKumar, BikashVerma, Pradeep
7-Jan-2022Evaluation of a biopolymer for its potential in enhancing oil recoverySandeep, R.Agrawal, Akhil
13-Jan-2022Development of glycoprotein immunoglobulin chimeric subunit vaccine against Chikungunya VirusKumar, SandeepTapryal, Suman