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22-Aug-2022Rational Design and Synthesis of Activity Based Fluorescent Probes for Sensing of Reactive Carbonyl Species RCSs and their ApplicationsJana, AnalSamanta, Animesh
17-Jan-2022Quantification of Hydrogen Bonds and Interaction Energies in Proteins and Prediction of Potent Ligands Insights from Quantum Crystallographic ApproachesMandal, Suman KumarMunshi, Parthapratim
17-Jan-2022Development and Application of Heteroatomdoped Graphitic MaterialsMaity, SayantanDhar, Basab Bijayi
17-Jan-2022Conformational properties of N acyl and N N diacylhydrazines Discovery of some unusual noncovalent interactions involving their nitrogen atomsDEKA, JUGAL KISHORE RAISarma, Bani Kanta
10-Nov-2021Design and Exploration of Bio sources Benzoxazines for Thermoset and Energy ApplicationMonishaLochab, Bimlesh
10-Nov-2021Exploring Unusual Properties in Purely Organic Molecular Crystals Cases of Ferroelectric and Thermo Responsive Materials and their PolymorphsDutta, SanjayMunshi, Parthapratim
9-Nov-2021Design Synthesis and Exploration of Sustainable Polybenzoxazines for Adhesive and Flame retardant ApplicationsAmarnath, NagarjunaLochab, Bimlesh
9-Nov-2021Synthesis of Privileged Carbohydrate Fused linked Heterocyclic Molecules as Anticancer AgentsKumari, PritiRam Sagar
9-Nov-2021N heterocyclic based Chalcogens Unravelling the Methylmercury and Cu I Induced Cytotoxicity and Remediation StrategiesDas, RanajitRoy, Gouriprasanna
9-Nov-2021Harnessing iodine as a sustainable reagent catalyst for the C H bond functionalization and activation of naphthoquinones pyrroles and indolesSar, SaibalSen, Subhabrata and Munshi, Parthapratim
9-Nov-2021Difluorobenzothiadiazole based Solution Processable organic small Molecules Molecular Design Synthesis and Photovoltaic ApplicationsBarla, RajkumarLochab, Bimlesh and Singh, Samarendra Pratap
8-Nov-2021Organic Donor Acceptor Conjugates Thermally Activated Delayed Fluorescence Room Temperature Phosphorescence and Modulation of Fluorescence Lifetimes via Conformational SwitchingBhattacharjee, IndranilRay, Debdas
8-Nov-2021Organic Multiple Donors Acceptor D4A Systems Persistent Room Temperature Phosphorescence and Thermally Activated Delayed FluorescenceBhatia, HarshRay, Debdas
2-Nov-2021Synthesis of carbohydrate derived chirally enriched privileged molecules and their applicationsNarayana,Chintam VVSRam Sagar
1-Nov-2021Reciprocal Carbonyl Carbonyl Interactions in Small Molecules and ProteinsRahim, AbdurSarma, Bani Kanta
6-Mar-2020Design of novel molecular libraries as inhibitors of and#945; Glucosidase Potent hybrid compounds against type ii DiabetesLuthra TaniaSubhabrata Sen
6-Mar-2020Detoxification of Organomercury Compounds Enzyme mimetic studies to understand the Hg C bond activation by orgamercurial lyase Mer BKarri RameshGouriprasanna Roy
6-Mar-2020Metal catalyzed C H functionalization Accessing diverse bio active heterocycles and building blocksDutta PratipSubhabrata Sen
6-Mar-2020Structural and Physical Properties of Chalcogen based Copper Complexes and their Significance in Copper Related DisordersChalana Ashish KumarGouriprasanna Roy
30-Apr-2019Application of Electron Density Based Analysis in the Study of Nanoclusters and Biomolecular InteractionsSaha, PinakiN. Sukumar
Collection's Items (Sorted by Upload Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 27