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12-Apr-2019Cellular Mechanisms Involved in Developing Resistance Against Multi Kinase Inhibitors in Colorectal CancerBinayak KumarSri Krishna Jayadev M
12-Apr-2019Systematic Investigations of Polymorphism Photodimerization and Charge Transfer Mechanism in Organic Optical MaterialsJha, Kunal KumarParthapratim Munshi
4-Apr-2018Identification and evaluation of bioactive small molecules as antimalarials via phenotypic based and target based drug discoverySharma, VijetaShailja Singh
19-Jul-2017Diversity Oriented Synthesis of A Molecular Library Analysis of Molecular Diversity Through Network Graph Measures and Correlation with Biological Activity ProfilesPrabhu, GaneshSukumar, N
30-Oct-2018Indentifying novel chemotypes against breast cancer design synthesis and biological evalutionBathula ChandramohanSubhabrata Sen
1-Nov-2018Engineering and investigation of Zinc oxide cathode interfacial layer in inverted organic solar cells Implications for charge transport and collectionSrivastava Shashi BhushanSamarendra Pratap Singh
1-Nov-2018Detoxification of Neurotoxic Organomercurials by 1 to 2hydroxyethyl methyl 1H imidazole 2 3H thione and its Analogues through Efficient Desulfurization and Deselenization ProcessesBanerjee MainakGouriprasanna Roy
26-May-2020Studies on application of repetitive control for eliminating harmonic voltages from PWM inverter’s outputMarati, NaveenkumarPrasad, Dinkar
4-Apr-2018Role of lipid signaling in microneme exocytosis facilitating plasmodium invasion into host erythrocytesDangi, PoonamShailja Singh
19-Jul-2017Theoretical and experimental analyses of advanced hybrid solar thermoelectric generatorSundarraj, PradeepkumarRoy, Susanta Sinha