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22-Jan-2021New functional organic molecules for stimuli responsive fluorescence switching and sensingAnu KunduPhilip Anthony, S
22-Jan-2021Development of Microbial Technology and Nano composite Material for Industrial and Domestic Waste Water TreatmentDeena, SMeera, P
12-Apr-2021A study on functional implications of PIWI like proteins and PIWI interacting RNAs in human somatic and cancer cellsSuganya, SSubbulakshmi, C
25-Jan-2021Non lethal effects of predator prey interactions mechanisms and consequencesKarthikeyan ChandrasegaranSanjay P Sane
12-Apr-2021Engineered Chemoswitchable Mesoporous Silica Nanopaparticles For BreastT Cancer TherapyBaranya,MUma Maheswari, K
25-Mar-2022A study on the adverse effect of diabetes in Wistar rat with and without Cardiomyopathy subjected to ischemia reperfusion and its influence on hydrogen sulfide therapyMahalakshmi AGino A Kurian
25-Mar-2022Impact of chemically synthesized uncapped and capped hexagonal zinc oxide nanoparticles in freshwater ecosystemAkhil KSudheer Khan S
25-Mar-2022Tannin Acyl Hydrolase TAH Production from Agriculture Byproducts using Bioprocessing Technology on Solid State FermentationParanthaman RSingaravadivel K
25-Mar-2022Understanding the Role of Sterile Inflammation in Embryonic SkinAmbika S KurbetSrikala Raghavan
4-Dec-2020Elucidation of Antibiofilm and Immunomodulatory Potentials of Streptomyces sp Derived ASK2 Compound against Multi Drug Resistant Klebsiella pneumoniaeCheepurupalli LalithaJaypradha, R