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Researcher: G. SASIKALA
Keywords: Median filter, Surveillance system, Audio and video, Web Box, FLOW CODE SOFTWARE
University: Vel Tech Dr. R R and Dr. S R Technical University
Completed Date: 30-12-2016
Abstract: Several ways noise introduced into an image, depending on how the image created. If the image scanned from a photograph made on film, the film grain is a source of noise. The purpose of median filtering is to remove noise from a signal that might occur through the transmission of an image. It is necessary to perform a high degree of noise reduction in an image before performing higher-level processing steps, such as edge detection. The median filter is a non-linear digital filtering technique, often used to remove noise from images or other signals. The idea is to examine a sample of the input and decide if it is representative of the signal. This research, work explores an idea of how audio, video and data inputs effectively handled in surveillance system such as aircraft system, road traffic signal offender and monitoring ship movements. This operation is carried out by the following way of observing identify of the system status with that variation in recording, storing, transmitting and receiving takes place. The recorder used to provide audio and video information, which has transmitted to the black box called Web Box. Therefore, the proposed model designed in such a way that, it offers security, authentication and protection for vehicle crash data. Flow code software will show the simulation results of how information transferred from source to destination in video surveillance application and this FLOW CODE SOFTWARE, which will give the HEX code file. This compiled HEX code file used during the design of original hardware model to fuse in the ARM processor
Appears in Departments:Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering

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