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2-Aug-2021Detection and quantification of elements in some aqueous solutions using prompt gamma neutron activation analysis techniqueDalpat MeenaGupta, S K
2-Aug-2021Study of atmospheric oxidation of sulfide and sulfite ions in aqueous mediaRathore, Deepak SinghChandel, C P Singh
2-Aug-2021Assessment of heavy metals toxicity in contaminated soil and vegetables irrigated with industrial and sewage effluent in Jaipur city and its surrounding areaMudgal, DushyantChandel, C P Singh
2-Aug-2021Geology and rocks from r centr uni for do de un nd geochemistry of baseme region around dudu nor entral Rajasthan IndiaHitesh KumarPandit , M K
2-Aug-2021Synthesis and spectral studies of nitrogen and sulphur containing hetrocyclesSharma, HimanshuJoshi, Y C
2-Aug-2021Synthesis characterization and coordination behaviour of schiff base ligands towards boron aluminium gallium and indiumBhomia, JyotiSingh, Yashpal and Sharma, Jyoti
2-Aug-2021Design and synthesis of medicinally privileged heterocyclic scaffolds using multicomponent reactionsTailor, Yogesh KumarMahendra Kumar
2-Aug-2021Organic derivatives of boron aluminium gallium and indium with nitrogen and oxygen containing ligandsJangir, VinitaSingh, Yashpal and Sharma, Jyoti
2-Aug-2021Phytochemical investigation and biological activity of medicinal plantsSoni, Lokesh KumarDobhal, M P and Pradeep Parasher
2-Aug-2021Synthesis of some new bioactive heterocycles and their nucleosidesRajwanshi, Lokesh KumarBhargava, Sangeeta