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Guide(s): E.KANNAN
University: Vel Tech Dr. R R and Dr. S R Technical University
Completed Date: 02/12/2016
Abstract: Cloud computing has become more popular everywhere in the conceptual sphere as it is a sort of high performance computing technique. Like grid computing, cloud computing is also a paradigm of resource sharing, which bestows third party and is a wide and collective distributed computing. For the past few years, cloud computing is one among the top ten booming technologies, which proves a substantial impact on the field of information technology. Due to the vast growth of cloud computing, security becomes critical issue both to address and explore. The proposed security model should occupy lesser memory space. Smaller sizes of security keys are much preferred for encryption algorithm newline newlineThe security of the cloud computing differs from typical wired and wireless network security, because the user or the provider is a third party to each other and also a user may share a same cloud to many users at different levels. A secured cloud has become an important area of research due to its variety of customers, devices used for access, variant parameters and metrics involved. In the design of secured cloud, if modern hand held devices are accessed by the cloud then, smaller sizes of security keys are much preferred for the encryption algorithm. Now a days clouds are accessed by many users through their mobile and hand held devices. newline newlineIn the recent public key cryptography, factors decomposition problems based on large numbers are commonly used, for example, Rivest-Shamir-Adleman (RSA) algorithm. Till date, RSA become most widely used and supported public key encryption scheme. Few investigators improved the performance of RSA using Chinese Remainder Theorem. Even though, it is still a question for those newline newline newlineapproaching the clouds using their hand held systems in terms of processing time, memory and bandwidth. Elliptic Curve Cryptography (ECC) will act as an alternative to traditional public key cryptographic systems. Even though, RSA was the most prominent cryptographic scheme, it is being replaced by ECC in many systems. newline newlineIn Elliptic curve based algorithms, elliptic curve point multiplication is the most computationally intensive operations. Therefore, implementing point multiplication by various hardware means makes ECC more captivating for high performance servers and small devices. The memory occupancies are less in ECC but implementation of ECC becomes difficult as it requires more time to analyze. newline newlineTherefore, Hybrid Elliptic Curve Cryptography (HECC) is proposed for optimizing memory occupancy and smooth functionalities. The proposed secured cloud model has two components namely 1) Hybrid ECC and 2) ACO based Security Model. HECC is used for Encryption and ACO is used for key management newline newlineThe proposed security model focusses on two major aspects, which are encrypting the data for data security and providing intrusion detection system. The main focus of HECC is less execution time and less key size. The proposed system provides secured environment to the cloud computing. Handheld devices which are approaching the cloud environment will be able to use the proposed system effectively. newline
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