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24-Sep-2019Exploration of Halotolerant Actinomycetes from Salt Affected soil and their Utilization to Ameliorate Salinity Stress in Wheat Triticum Aestivum LShrivastava, PoojaKumar, Rajesh
13-Nov-2019Development of bacterial consortium for detoxification of hexavalent chromium from tannery effluent for environmental safetyMishra, SandhyaBharagava, Ram Naresh
13-Nov-2019Impact of Land Use Changes on Methanotrophic Bacterial Abundance and Soil Microbial BiomassTiwari, ShashankSingh, Jay Shankar
13-Nov-2019Effect of plant growth promoting rhizobacteria PGPR and farmyard manure FYM amendment on plant growth parameters and antioxidant level in paddy Oryza sativa L crop under soil salinityVimal, Shobhit RajSingh, Jay Shankar
30-Dec-2019Study on the bacterial degradation and detoxification of distillery wastewater pollutants for environmental safetyChowdhary, Pankaj kumarBharagava, Ram Naresh
30-Dec-2019Impact of Biochar and CSR Bio Application on Methanotrophs Microbial Biomass and Paddy Yields in Saline SoilSingh, ChhatarpalSingh, Jay Shankar
30-Dec-2019Screening of rhizobial diversity from the Wild medicinal legumes growing in Lucknow and adjoining areasVerma, MayaArora, Naveen Kumar
30-Dec-2019Remediation of Cadmium Contaminated Soil with PGPR Consortia and Hyperaccumulator PlantsVerma, ChhayaKumar, Rajesh
30-Dec-2019Assessment of Cyanobacterial Diversity in Paddy Field and their Capability to Degrade PesticidesKumar, ArunSingh, Jay Shankar