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30-Sep-2019Biochemical studies and genetic polymorphism involved in Diabetes in North Indian PopulationMishra, GunjanKhan, M. Y., Gupta,Varsha
30-Sep-2019Studies on the arsenic affected paddy grown area of Uttar Pradesh India and its remediation approachHare, VishvasBaghel, V.S.
7-Oct-2019Improvement in Micropropagation Protocol for Rapid Seed Production and Fidelity Analysis of Plants using Molecular Markers in SugarcaneKavitaSaxena, Sangeeta, Lal, Madan
28-Sep-2019Degradation and Characterization of HMW polycyclic aromatic compounds Anthracene Coronene and Nepthacene by indigenous bacterial strains from hydrocarbon contaminated Oil Refineries sitesShekhar, Sudhir KModi, Dinesh Raj
1-Oct-2019Effect of genetic variations of PADI4 PTPN22 and TIMP4 in the susceptibility of Rheumatoid arthritis in North Indian PopulationKumar, VivekKhan, M. Y., Gupta,Varsha
1-Oct-2019Implications and prospects of microbial based integrated management of arsenic remediation in rice Oryza sativa LBharti, NishaBaghel, Vinay Singh
28-Sep-2019Identification and Characterization of Biomarkers using NMR based Metabolomics Implication to Disease Diagnosis and Treatment MonitoringAtulPrakash, Anand, Kumar, Dinesh
28-Sep-2019Studies on Microbial Communities from Satopanth Glacier Western Himalaya and Evaluation of their Biotechnological ApplicationsKatiyar, PragatiBaghel, V.S.
28-Sep-2019Characterization of benzene toluene naphthalene and acenapthene degrading bacteria isolated from petroleum oil contaminated soil sediments located in Chhattisgarh and evaluation of their antibiotic and heavy metal resistanceGodheja, JaiModi, D.R.
13-Nov-2019To study the role of different subsets of HDACs Histone Deacetylases in Fear memory Consolidation and ExtinctionSiddiqui, Sarfaraj AhmadPrakash, Anand