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dc.description.abstractnewlineIn dysphagia, patient exhibits a problem in throat or esophagus which causes difficulty in newlineswallowing. In dysphagia, muscles and nerves which help in movement of food toward newlinestomach cannot work properly which may be due to the injury in brain, problem in nervous newlinesystem, esophageal spasm etc. Although the likelihood of occurrence of this disease is for all newlineage groups, elderly patients and children feel more discomfort in swallowing of medications. newlineChronic administration of drugs leads to poor patient compliance.To overcome the problems newlineof dysphasia, several dosage forms have been developed which include oral dispersible newlinetablets (ODT), lozenges, chewing gum, effervescent products (tablets, granules and pellets). newlineThese formulations provide ease of swallowing and also helps in achieving faster onset of newlineaction. These formulations come in liquid state in oral cavity or need to disperse in vehicle newlineprior to administration. Successful adoption of such formulations is reflected in various newlinemarketed products based on these technologies.Formulations which dissolve/disperse in oral newlinecavity (ODT, lozenges and chewing gum) require sweeteners and flavors to mask the bitter newlinetaste of drugs. Thus, increasein number of excipients results in increase in chances of newlineincompatibilities with the active ingredients. newlineThese formulations may exhibit cheeking problem (retention of drug particles in oral newlinecavity) which may cause after effects of bitter taste in oral cavity. Also, these formulations newlineare not suitable for drugs with larger dose of API.Effervescent products helps in overcoming newlinesuch drawbacks. Effervescence generated after dispersing the formulation in water not only newlinehelps in masking the bitter taste of API but also helps in increasing absorption of drugs from newlineGIT. It can be applicable for both small dose of API (in the form of tablet or pellets) and newlinelarger dose of API (in the form of granules). These formulations are dissolved in water for newlineadministration which reduces gastric irritation due to reduced localization of d
dc.titleFormulation Development and Optimization of Effervescent Systems for Histamine Angalonists
dc.creator.researcherPatel Amit Ambalal
dc.contributor.guideMehta Tejal A
dc.publisher.universityNirma University
dc.publisher.institutionInstitute of Pharmacy
Appears in Departments:Institute of Pharmacy

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