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14-Nov-2019Study of Energy Distribution in Evolving Dynamical States of Galaxy Clusters and GroupsReju Sam JohnHarish Kumar
23-Mar-2020Improvement of oxidation resistance of power plant alloys by Cr2O3 AND Al2O3 coatingsGurumoorthi GMathiazhagan P
23-Mar-2020Experimental investigation of wear properties for aluminium mmcs in friction stir welded regionOmmurugadhasanPajaniradja at Kichena
16-Jun-2020Contributions to the Study of Batch Arrival Non Markovian Queueing System with Mixed Priority Services and Impatient CustomersUdayageetha, J.G. Ayyappan
16-Jun-2020Contributions to the Study of Batch Arrival Bulk Service Non Markovian Queueing System with Stand By Server and VacationKarpagam, S.G. Ayyappan
5-Aug-2020Study on the Influence on Nano Additives in the performance enhancement of air conditioning systemVandarkuzhali, S.Elansezhian, R.
9-Sep-2020Complementing the Detection Coverage of Machine Learning Based Intrusion Detection Systems using Enhanced Pre processing TechniquesHamid, YasirSugumaran M.
9-Sep-2020A Framework for Automatic Extraction and Annotation of Structured Data from Deep WebUmamageswari B.Kalpana R.
9-Sep-2020Synthesis characterization and testing of vinyl ester composite reinforced using glass fiber coated with ni p and al2o3 nanowiresAnand, G.Alagumurthi¬ł N.
28-Sep-2020Investigations on mechanical properties machining characteristics and corrosion behaviour of aluminium alloy al6061 coconut shell ash csa metal matrix compositesLakshmikanthan, P.Prabu, B.