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21-Nov-2014A D Hope s Poetry : An expression of Something Autonomous And Beautiful in ItselfSreedharan, AmodiniAbid, Attia
21-Nov-2014A Study of the theme of power in the works of franz kafka and milan kunderaAsif, MuhammadSiddiqui, Mohd. Asim
21-Nov-2014Tasks Used In The Teaching Of Reading Comprehension In Contemporary Language Pedagogy: A Description And AnalysisAzmat, ZebaHusain, Kausar
16-Oct-2015The oriental element in the Elizabethan drama with special reference to Marlowe, Shakespeare and Ben JonsonTaleb Saeed Mugawar, Fahd MohammadKidwai, Abdur Raheem
16-Oct-2015The immigrant in Bharati Mukherjees novels : an analysis with special reference to identity crises and cultural transplantKhanam, AmbreenHasan, Seemin
16-Oct-2015The note of pessimism in the poetry of Arthur Hugh Clough, James Thomson and Edward FitzgeraldZaidi, Shabana AizazShuja, Asif
16-Oct-2015A critical evaluation of some english novels on partition of India with special reference to Ahia Hosain and Khushwant SinghKhatoon, HumeraKidwai, A R
16-Oct-2015Techniques of teaching stress, rhythm and intonation patterns to the learners of english in IndiaShahwar, NeelamShuja, Asif
16-Oct-2015A D Hopes poetry an expression of something autonomous and beautiful in itselfSreedharan, AmodiniAbid, Attia
16-Oct-2015Shakespearian criticism: a comparative study of the contribution of the new critics and their predecessors A C Bradley and E E StollKhanam, Ghazala AhmerinHusain, Kausar