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Upload DateTitleResearcherGuide(s)
19-Nov-2012Application of imaging to study the evolution and dynamics of laser produced plasma from solid and thin film Li targetsGeorge, SonyNampoori, V P N
21-Aug-2015Characterizat ion of Photonic Materials Using Thermal Lens TechniqueAchamma ,KurianNampoori, V P N
13-Dec-2010Characterization and imaging diagnostics of laser induced plasma from solid targetsDann, V JNampoori, V P N
18-Oct-2011Characterization of photonic materials using thermal lens techniqueKurian, AchammaNampoori, V P N
12-Oct-2011Characterization of selected photonic materials and systems using photoacoustic techniquePhilip K, AnnietaRadhakrishnan, P
1-Feb-2016Design and Development of Fiber Grating Based Chemical and Bio SensorsLibish, T MRadhakrishnan, P
13-Oct-2011Design and development of fiber optic sensors for trace detection of certain environmental pollutantsSuresh Kumar, PRadhakrishnan, P
1-Mar-2019Design and development of optical fiber grating based sensors for the determination of CholesterolBobby Mathews CRadhakrishnan P
23-Apr-2012Design fabrication and characterization of passive and active polymer photonic devicesGeetha, KRadhakrishnan, P
13-Apr-2011Design, fabrication and characterization of fiber optic sensors for physical and chemical applicationsThomas, Lee SNampoori, V P N
20-Oct-2015Dessiign and Devellopmentt off FFiiberr Opttiicc Senssorrss fforr Qualliitty Evalluattiion off varriiouss LLiiquiid and Gasseouss MediiaLinesh, JNampoori, V P N
24-Dec-2020Development of optical sensors for detection and measurement of fluoride using organic dyes and some of their derivativesRoopa VenkatarajKailasnath, M
13-Apr-2011Evanescent wave fibre optic sensors: design, fabrication and characterizationJohn, Shelly MRadhakrishnan, P
11-Nov-2010Evolution and dynamics of plasma generated from solid targets by strong laser fieldsIssac, Riju CGirijavallabhan, C P
23-Apr-2012Fabrication and characterisation of dye doped polymer optical fibres with different refractive index profiles for photonic applicationsKailasnath, MRadhakrishnan, P
12-Oct-2011Fabrication and characterisation of polymer optical fibers for smart sensing and optical amplificationRajesh MNampoori, M
11-Mar-2011Fabrication and characterization of all-fiber components for optical access networksVarghese, SamuelNampoori, V P N; Girijavallabhan, C P
10-Jan-2013Fabrication and characterization of Chalcogenide nano composite based materials for Photonic device applicationsTintu RThomas, Sheenu
21-Aug-2014Fabrication and characterization of polymer optical fibers for photonic device applicationSheeba, MRadhakrishnan, P
31-Dec-2012Investigation on the dynamics of combination maps and the analysis of Bifurcations in a discontinuous logistic mapNair, P R KrishnanNandakumaran V M