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5-Jul-2016Laser IInduced Liinear and Nonlliinear Optiicall Studiies on Certaiin Metall Halliides and Tartrate Crystalls ffor Photoniic ApplliicatiionsRejeena, IDr. P. Radhakrishnan
14-Oct-2011Laser induced photothermal investigations on thermal and transport properties of certain selected photonic materialsGeorge, Sajan DGirijavallabhan, C P
20-Apr-2012Neural network based studies on spectroscopic analysis and image processingSaritha, MNandakumaran, V M
13-Apr-2011Nonlinear dynamics of multiple quantum well lasers: chaos and multistabilityJijo, P UNandakumaran, V M
26-Nov-2010Nonlinear dynamics of Nd: YAG lasers: Hopf bifurcation, multistability and chaotic synchronizationParvathi, M RNandakumaran, V M
7-Sep-2011Nonlinear dynamics of semiconductor lasers: control and synchronization of chaosRajesh, SNandakumaran, V M
10-Jun-2014Nonlinear signal processing of electroencephalogram: application in the study of neurodynamicsIndic PNampoori, V P N
4-Feb-2011Optical and thermal characterization of dye intercalated montmorillonites and rare earth doped materialsJoseph, Lyjo KRadhakrishnan, P
24-Apr-2012Optical emission diagnostics of laser produced plasma from Graphite and YBa2Cu3O7Harilal, S SGirijavallabhan, C P
29-Jan-2016Photoacoustic and photothermal deflection studies on certain selected photonic materialsGeorge, Nibu ARadhakrishnan, P
9-Jan-2013Photonic applications of biomaterials with special reference to biopolymers and microbesNithyaja BNampoori, V P N
1-Feb-2016Preparation and Study of Optical Properties of CdS CdS TiO2 and CdS Au Nanocomposites for Photonic ApplicationsMathew, SGirijavallabhan, C P
7-Feb-2011Selected cardiovascular studies based on photoplethysmography techniqueJayasree, V KRadhakrishnan, P
14-Oct-2011Signatures of higher functions of brain dynamics in electroencephalogram: a nonlinear analysisRamanand, PravithaNampoori, V P N
12-Nov-2010Spectral and nonlinear optical characterization of ZnO nanocompositesIrimpan, Litty MathewRadhakrishnan, P
25-Apr-2012Speech analysis using modern techniques of nonlinear dynamicsRadhakrishnan, P MNampoori, V P N
16-Nov-2012Studies on ASE, Lasing and NLO characteristics in Certain Laser DyesNedumpara, Ritty JRadhakrishnan P
12-Oct-2011Studies on electrical and thermal properties of certain selected photonic materialsXavier, EdwinGirijavallabhan, C P
23-Apr-2012Studies on laser induced photoemission Optogalvanic phenomena and nonlinear dynamics in discharge plasmaPrasad, Ajith K CNampoori, V P N
21-Aug-2014Studies on optical and X- ray emission processes in laser produced plasmaGopinath, PramodNampoori, V P N