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17-Aug-2017Effect of different levels of nitrogen and phosphorus on growth and yield of French bean Phaseolus Vulgaris L cv contenderSingh, RajeevSingh, Ganesh
1-Nov-2017Studies on date of seed sowing weeding intensity and nitrogen levels on kharif onion Allium cepa L under Varanasi conditionsSaraswat, Devendra KumarSingh, Ganesh
21-Aug-2017Studies on the effect of levels of nitrogen potash and spacing on the growth yield and quality of papaya Carica papaya L cv Pusa Dwarf under Varanasi conditionSingh, Vinay KumarSingh, C S
18-Aug-2017Effect of seed size and levels of nitrogen and potash on growth yield and quality of potato Solanum tuberosum LSingh, Amar PalSingh, S N
14-Aug-2017Studies on the effect of nitrogen levels and ethrel on growth flowering fruiting and fruit quality of ashgourd Benincasa Hispida CognSingh, Chandra BhushanSingh, S N
2-Nov-2017Studies on the effect of nitrogen and potassium on growth flowering and fruit quality of Muskmelon Cucumis Melo LSingh, Pushpesh KumarSingh, T B
18-Aug-2017Response of French bean Phaseolus Vulgaris L to nitrogen and phosphorus fertilization under Eastern U P conditionsRajpur, VinodSingh, S N
21-Aug-2017Response of nitrogen and spacing yield and quality of seed of okra Abelmoschus Esculentus L moench during kharif seasionRai, Sanajay KumarSingh, M C
23-Aug-2017Response of nitrogen boron and zinc on growth curd yield and quality of cauliflower Brassica Oleracea L Var BotrytisSingh, Manoj KumarSingh, S N
17-Aug-2017Response of hybrid brinjal to varying levels of nitrogen and phosphorusYati, VashisthaSingh, Ganesh