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28-Feb-20171,3-dipolar cycloaddition reactions to build biologically significant new derivatives of isoxazole isoxazoline and triazoleVinay Kumar, K. S.Sadashiva, M. P.
25-May-2016A comprehensive study on methods evaluatuin and influence of inorganic constituents on the quality of canesugarMahadevaiahNagendrappa, G
22-Feb-2016A strategic approach for the synthesis of 4 thiazolidinone and pyrrole derivatives of biological interestSharath Kumar, K. S.Rangappa, K. S.
23-Jul-2019A study for isolation of new active molecules from Artocarpus Hirsutus Lam MoraceaeNayak, MahadevaNagarajan, A.
5-Jul-2016A study on instrumental methods of analysis of some samples of Forensic and Pharmaceutical importanceVani, N.Nagendrappa, G.
25-May-2016A study on ion_pair complexes and metal catalysed reactionsYogendra Kumar, M SNagendrappa, G
5-Jul-2016A study on physic chemical parameters of certain selected tank water samples of Tiptur TalukShivanna, A. M.Nagendrappa, G.
25-May-2016A study on preparation characterization and applications of ion_pair complexes involving some elements belonging to d_ f_ and p_blockSuresha, M SNagendrappa, G
24-May-2016A study on synthesis and characterization of complexes containing d_ and f_block elements and development of spectrophotometric methods for certain substances of biological and environmental importanceGalil, Mansour Said AbdulNagendrappa, G
19-May-2016Analytical studies on certain pharmaceutical drugsMohsima BegumAhmed, Syed Akheel
8-Jan-2019Analytical studies on some anthelmintics and anti tuberculosis agentsSwamy, N.Basavaiah, K.
29-Jun-2016Analytical studies on some anti diabetic drugsXavier, Cijo MBasavaiah, K.
19-Feb-2015Analytical studies on some Anti Migraine DrugsPrashanth, K. N.Basavaiah, K.
10-May-2018Analytical studies on some antimalarial and antifungal drugsPenmatsa, Vamsi KrishnaBasavaiah, K.
27-Feb-2015Analytical studies on some drugs used in the treatment of infections and infestationsRamesh, P. J.Basavaiah, K.
4-Jan-2016Antioxidant activities of new thiazole oxadiazole piperidine derivatives and certain plants extracts and their anticorrosion properties on mild steelPradeep Kumar, C. B.Mohana, K. N.
29-Jun-2016Assessment of water quality of water sources of Khonsar city of Iran and some towns surrounding KhonsarMojallal, Hassan AliAsha Iyengar, T.
25-May-2016Benzene exposure among gasoline handlers of the Bangalore city a study on personal air monitoring for benzene in work environment and biological monitoring for metabolitesRaghavan, SBasavaiah, K
8-Jan-2016Biological applications of some transition metal complexesShivakumar, L.Revanasiddappa, H. D.
25-May-2016Biological relevance and spectral studies of newly isolated bio _ active metal complexesDivakara, T RNaik, Nagaraja