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5-Feb-20202 Methoxy 4 chromanone ligated transition metal complexesSneha Jose EMohanan P. V
16-Nov-20122(3H)-Furanones and related substrates: synthetic strategies and selectivity profile in their reactivityThumpakara, Roshini KPrathapan S
12-Oct-2011Acid-base, surface electron donating and catalytic properties of binary oxides of Zr with rare earth elementsPaul, AntoSugunan, S
6-Sep-2011Acid-base, surface electron donating and catalytic properties of some binary mixed oxides containing rare earth elementsVarghese V, BinsySugunan, S
11-Nov-2010Adsorption of electron acceptros on rare earth oxidesDevika, Rani GSugunan, S
6-Jun-2014Alkylatlon of benzene with higher olefins over zeolites: a green route for lab synthesisThomas, BejoySugunan S
12-Nov-2010Application of polymers in separation scienceUsha, KPillai, V N Sivasankara
21-Aug-2014Catalysis by enzymes immobilized on tuned mesoporous silicaReni GeorgeDr Sugunan S
24-Apr-2012Catalysis by Ferrites and Cobaltites for the alkylation and oxidation of organic compoundsRamanathan, RSugunan, S
6-Jun-2014Catalysis by nano sulfated titania modified by transition metalsSunaja Devi K RSugunan S
6-Jun-2014Catalysis by Nanocrystalline Ceria modified with transition metalsFincy Jose PSugunan S
6-Jun-2014Catalysis by pillared montmorillonites exchanged with transition metalsKurian, ManjuPrathapan S; Sugunan S
27-Sep-2012Catalysis by Polymer Supported Dendrimers their Metal Complexes and Nanoparticle ConjugatesRajesh Krishnan GSreekumar K
14-Oct-2011Catalysis by some pillared montmorillonitesShamsudeen, Rahna KSugunan, S
12-Oct-2011Catalysis by sulphated tin oxide modified with some transition metal oxidesDeepa, C SSugunan, S
24-Apr-2012Catalysis by transition metal modified Ceria and Ceria-Zirconia mixed oxides prepared via Sol-gel routeMaya, GSugunan, S
19-Oct-2011Chelating behavior acylhydrazones towards transition metals: spectral and structural aspectsMangalam, Neema AniKurup, M R Prathapachandra
5-Feb-2020Chemically modified forms of magnetic chitosan as potential enzyme carriers a gateway to uplift industrial applicationsBindu V.UMohanan P. V
6-Jun-2014Chemically modified glassy carbon electrode as sensors for various pharmaceuticalsLeena RGirish Kumar K
12-Oct-2011A comparative study of medium and large pore zeolites in Alkylation reactionsJacob, BindhuSugunan, S