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8-Oct-2013Secondary pulmonary action infections in pulmonary tuberculosis a clinical profileMishra, Satya PrakashArora, R C
10-Sep-2013A study of Fecal fat and d-xylose absorption tests in suspected malabsorptive disorders in Bundelkhand region of central IndiaJohri, Sanjay KumarArora, R C
31-Oct-2013An evaluation of menstrual age versus radiological estimation of gestational age by plain skiagrams in third trimester of pregnancyJain, BeenaSaxena, H N
31-Oct-2013Cerebrospinal fluid enzymes in acute neurological episodesMishra, MadhukarArora, R C
25-Sep-2013To evaluate the changes in lipid lipoprotein profile induced after ingestion of single high cholesterol test diet in subjects of ischaemic heart disease diabetes and hypertensionSingh, Dinesh KumarArora, R C; Arora, Sunita
9-Oct-2013Serum and cerebro-spinal fluid (CSF) lacticdehydrogennase (LDH) profile in neurological disordersDwiwedi, Umesh ChandraKumar, Ramesh; Longia Sheela
31-Oct-2013A comparative study of Ca++ Channel blockers, ACE inhibitors and alpha blokers in patients of systemic hypertensionYadav, Mahendra SinghArora, R C
25-Sep-2013Incidence of large vessel diseases (Athero-Thromotic Diseases) in patients with Newly diagnosed type 2 diabetes mellitus at the time of preservationVerma, Vijay KumarJain, P K; Agarwal, Navneet; Sengar, N S
29-Oct-2013Humoral immunity and neutrophil functions in protein energy malnutritionRai, AshaKaushik, Anil
26-Aug-2013A study: incidence of urinary calculi in abdominal pain cases attending medical collage hospital, JhansiGoyel, Ravindra KumarGupta, A K; Saxena, H N