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19-Aug-2013Pesticidal action of certain plant extracts against mosquito vectors (Culicidae: Diptera)LalrotluangaGurusubramanian G; Senthil Kumar N
6-Mar-2018Biodiversity and molecular phylogeny of wild silk moths in Mizoram based on 16S rRNA and CO1 Gene markersEsther LalhminglianiGURUSUBRAMANIAN,G
20-Jun-2019Evaluation of Diosgenin and Tobacco Smoke Infused Water on Ovarian Function in MiceSanjeev,SanasamGurusubramanian,G
10-Nov-2016Wildlife and their habitat in lowland areas of chitwan national park s buffer zone in nepal two decades of community conservation approachSharma, Bhuvan KesharSolanki, G S
10-Nov-2016Study on changes in butterfly fauna at different altitudinal levels in central nepalKhanal, BhaiyaSolanki, G S
10-Nov-2016Characterization and expression profiles of glutathione s transferase gsts gene in anopheles mosquito vector complexVanlalhruaia, KG,Gurusubramanian
27-Mar-2019Assessment of DNA damage in cultured peripheral blood lymphocytes of the tobacco users in MizoramLalruatfela, B.Chandra Jagetia, Ganesh
29-Apr-2019Socio ecology and breeding behaviours of stump tailed Macaque macaca arctoides in MizoramZothansiamaSolanki, G. S.
6-Apr-2019Anticarcinogenic potential of hesperidin In a chemical carcinogenesis mouse model And in cultured human a431 cellsM., Vabeiryureilai
27-Mar-2019Ecological and Behavioral Studies on Asian Wild Buffaloes Bubalus bubalis arnee Linn at Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve NepalChandra Kandel, RamSolanki, G. S.