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30-Jan-2017Synthesis characterization and biological evaluation of some five membered heterocyclic compoundsK, ManjunathaPoojary, Boja
30-Jan-2017Synthesis and biological activity of some novel benzimidazole triazole and tetrazole derivativesGowda, JanardhanaKhadar, A M A
30-Jan-2017Synthesis and characterisation of some new bioactive heterocyclic derivativesK K, Vijaya RajNarayana, B
30-Jan-2017Synthesis characterization and biological activity studies of some N S-containing heterocyclic compoundsPrasad, D JagadeeshHolla, B Shivarama
30-Jan-2017Self-assembly of anisotropic conventional and non-conventional molecules into liquid crystal phases molecular design synthesis and characterizationAchalkumar, A SYelamaggad, C V
30-Jan-2017Studies in synthesis of 3 5 substituted pyrazolines and related compounds for possible antitubercular activity and other pharmacological profileRao, S NarayanaBhat, A R
30-Jan-2017Studies on the synthesis characterization and biological activities of some nitrogen heterocyclesUdupa, K VenkatramanaHolla, B Shivarama
30-Jan-2017Synthesis of biologically potent heterocyclic compounds and development of some new synthetic methodologiesK S, GirishaKalluraya, Balakrishna
30-Jan-2017Synthesis and biological studies on some nitrogen containing heterocyclesR, GururajaKalluraya, Balakrishna
30-Jan-2017Synthesis characterization and biological activities of some nitrogen and sulphur containing heterocyclesKaregoudar, Prakash BHolla, B Shivarama