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28-Feb-20220 distributive almost latticesVenkata Aravinda Raju, R.Nanaji Rao, G.
28-Feb-20220 distributive almost semilatticesSwapna, ChettupilliNanaji Rao, G.
16-Dec-20211 5 halo migratory aptitudes in 1 3 pentadiene derivatives confermational surface of hexachlorophene derivatives and reactivity of cation bound capillin analogues computational studyKalpana PAkilandeswari
27-Jul-20201 d 2 d 3 d hybrid based on carbon nitride and metal or metal oxide nanostructures materials for environmental and electrochemical energy applicationsmanas kumar kunduSudip Barman
25-Jan-20211 D and 2 D Analysis of composite laminates subjected to mechanical and environmental loadsNaik, Nitin ShankarraoSayyad, Atteshamuddin S
28-Dec-20151 f noise in certain physical systemsSaleem,MohamedKhan,V. Hyder
28-Dec-20151 f noise studies in certain metallic and semiconductor thin films at 310 to 410 KRajashekhar,G.Khan,V. Hyder
10-Jul-20171 Studies in friedel crafts reaction and fried rearrangement 2 chemical investigation of indigenous plantsChakrabarti, AnjaliChakravarti, D
13-Oct-20161 te 4 iiyttanchi mulbhuut kshrepiibadh shabdsamptti _ section 2Edke, Sunanda RamUpasane, N K
12-Feb-20181, 3-Dipolar Cycloaddition Reaction On Carbohydrate Template: A Stereoselective Synthesis Of Glycospiroheterocycles And Its Biological SignificancePRASANNA. RR. Raghunathan
16-Jul-20101, 4-Butanediol dimethacrylate-crosslinked polystyrene as an efficient support for solid-phase peptide synthesisKrishnakumar, I MMathew, Beena
26-Sep-20141,2 Cyclopropanated sugars:Reactions and synthetic utilityRamana, C VNagarajan,M
12-Sep-20181,2-Cyclopropanated Sugars as Novel Glycosyl Donors in Oligosaccharide SynthesisVenukkumar, PattetiSridhar, Perali Ramu
6-Feb-20181,3 ,5-Trisubstituted-4,5 dihydro 1h pyrazoles as reversible monoamine oxidase inhibitors synthesis biological evaluation and molecular modeling studiesTripathi, Avinash ChandraPaliwal, Sarvesh and Saraf, Shailendra K.
16-May-20171,3-Addition and dipolar cycloaddition reactions of D-glucose derived nitrone : synthesis and evaluation of glycosidase inhibitory activity of indolizidine alkaloidsKaranjule, Narayan SavaleramDhavale, Dilip D
23-Feb-20171,3-Dipolar cycloaddition of L Amino nitroneBose, Rajib KumarGhosh, A R
28-Feb-20171,3-dipolar cycloaddition reactions to build biologically significant new derivatives of isoxazole isoxazoline and triazoleVinay Kumar, K. S.Sadashiva, M. P.
3-Dec-20141-/2 aryl benzimidazole based molecular architects as optical probes for anionsKumar, SandeepKumar, Subodh
24-May-20161.Bioavailability enhancement of curcumin using solid lipid nanoparticles 2.Scale up feasibility of sesamol loaded solid lipid nanoparticlesKakkar, VanditaKaur, Indu Pal
22-Oct-201310 days extended course of clomiphene citrate in women with ovulatory disordersRoy, GouriArora, Sunitha; Kapoor, Mridula; Arora, R C; Agrawal, Usha; Sharma Sanjay