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Upload DateTitleResearcherGuide(s)
27-Jan-2017Asymmetric synthesis using novel chiral auxiliaries and the synthesis of novel host moleculesJaya PVijay Nair G
24-Nov-2016Carbon carbon and carbon heteroatom bond forming reactions mediated by cerium IV ammonium nitrateLatha G NairVijay Nair G
27-Jan-2017Dielsalder Vs Higher Order Cycloadditions An Investigation based on Heptafulvenyl and Isobenzofuryl SystemsAbhilash K GVijay Nair G
28-Nov-2016Engaging zwitterions in novel carbon carbon and carbon heteroatom bond forming reactionsAbhilash NVijay Nair G
27-Jan-2017Exploration of the Reactivity of Sulfur Ylides Novel Synthesis of Tetrahydrothiophenes and ThiazolidinesSmitha M NairVijay Nair G
28-Nov-2016Novel 4 2 cycloaddition reactions of O quinonesSasi Kumar T KVijay Nair G
28-Nov-2016Novel carbon carbon and carbon heteroatom bond forming reactions mediated by N heterocyclic carbenesSreekumar VVijay Nair G
24-Nov-2016Novel carbon carbon bond forming reactions mediated by indium and galliumSindu RosVijay Nair G
24-Nov-2016Novel Carbon Carbon Bond Forming Reactions Mediated by Radical Cations and Nucleophilic Carbenes Application to the Synthesis of Oxygen HeterocyclesLakshmi BalagopalVijay Nair G
24-Nov-2016Novel Carbon Nitrogen Bond Forming Reactions Media Ted by Triphenylphosphine and Dialkyl AzodicarboxylateBiju A TVijay Nair G
8-Nov-2016Novel cycloaddition reactions of 60 fullerene 1 2 diones and related chemistrySethumadhavan DVijay Nair G
28-Feb-2018Novel Cycloaddition Reactions of Some Fulvenoid Compounds and Related ChemistryNandakumar M VVijay Nair G
27-Jan-2017Novel Cycloaddition Reactions to Quinoneimides and Related ChemistryDhanya RVijay Nair G
28-Nov-2016Novel heterocyclic constructions mediated by 1 4 dipolar intermediates and related chemistryRema Devi BVijay Nair G
1-Sep-2017Novel isocyanide based multicomponent reactions for heterocyclic and carbocyclic constructionsRajeev S MenonVijay Nair G
28-Oct-2016Novel Protocol for C H Activation and other Synthetic Transformations Mediated by Cerium IV Ammonium Nitrate CANSuja T DVijay Nair G
31-Mar-2017Novel reactions of o quinones and related chemistrySomarajan Nair JVijay Nair G
28-Nov-2016Novel reactions of triphenylphosphine and dialkyl azodicarboxylate with carbonyl compoundsSmitha C MathewVijay Nair G
18-Aug-2017Novel strategies for the synthesis of triheteroarylmethanes and biphenyl derivativesVidya NVijay Nair G
1-Sep-2017Synthesis and novel reactions of bicyclo 2 2 2 Octene 7 8 DionesAnilkumar GVijay Nair G