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7-Mar-2017Catalysis and inhibition of nucleophilic addition on stabilised carbonium ions by surfactants applicability of enzyme catalysis modelNaorem, Arunkumar SinghSrivastava, S K
12-Apr-2018Design syntheses and characterization of some novel heterocyclic compounds of therapeutic importanceTyagi, Mukesh KumarSrivastava, S K
27-Jun-2014Electrical and optical characteristics of polystyrene doped with phenanthrene.Srivastava, NaliniSrivastava, S K
21-Nov-2013Electrical and optical properties of pyrene doped polystyrene filmsBudhoulia, Ved MitraSrivastava, S K
25-Jan-2017Electrometric magnetic spectral and thermal studies on some inorganic complexesSrivastava, SaumyaSrivastava, S K
21-Feb-2014New methods for scene text detection and recognitionBasavanna, MSrivastava, S K
14-May-2015Phytochemical study of some plants of combretaceae family and to evaluate their pharmacological and antimicrobial activiesChouksey, B KSrivastava, S K
17-Aug-2015Some problems on fixed point theoremsTiwari, Mahendra PratapSrivastava, S K
12-Aug-2015Some problems on fixed point theoremsSharma, Bhawani ShankerSrivastava, S K
17-Aug-2015Some problems on summability methodsGuru, KavitaSrivastava, S K
17-Aug-2017Studies of complex compund of Co II Ni II Cu II Zn II Cd II with substituted anilines substituted pyridines aminophenols aminobenzoic acids p amino acetanilides pyridine 4 carboxylic acid hydrazide in non aquous mediaShahi, Anil KumarSrivastava, S K
14-May-2015Studies on plant constituentsGupta, HariomSrivastava, S K
17-Aug-2017Studies on the beneficiation of coal fines by spray flotation processSharma, Kamal KishoreSrivastava, S K
20-May-2015Synthesis charcterization and biological activity of some new products derived hetero non heterocyclic rings having 4 oxo thiazolindine and their related moietiesAsati, Kailash ChandraSrivastava, S K
17-Aug-2017Synthesis of biologically active steroidel hetero cyclic compundsAbbasi, Adil AbbasSrivastava, S K
14-May-2015Synthesis of nitrogen and sulphur containing heterocyclic compounds of biiological significanceJain, AshishSrivastava, S K
20-May-2015Synthesis of nitrogen containing heterocyclic compounds and their biological activitySahu, LeenaSrivastava, S K
13-May-2015Synthesis of some new heterocyclic compounds of biological importanceRaikwar, Dinesh KumarSrivastava, S K
29-Oct-2013Thermo and photo electret state in iodine doped polystyrene filmsTiwari, Manoj KumarSrivastava, S K
29-Oct-2013Ultrasonic and anharmonic properties of solidsSrivastava, S KKailash