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Upload DateTitleResearcherGuide(s)
7-Jul-2016A study on the breeding biology of the Nicobar Megapode Megapodius NicobariensisSivakumar, KSankaran, Ravi
18-Sep-2014Analysis and verification of optimal clamping and locator contact point surfaces of workpiece fixture systemPaulraj, GSivakumar, K
2-May-2017Characterization of biopolymers computational analysis and characterization of some selected proteins antifreeze proteins and various disease associated human collagen proteinsSivakumar, KBalaji, S
6-Feb-2015Ecology Diversity and Bioelectricity Potential of Marine Actinobacteria from the Havelock Island of the Andamans IndiaGobalakrishnan, RSivakumar, K
19-Apr-2018Experimental analysis and parametric optimisation of powder mixed wire electrical discharge machining on carbon steelsM, SivakumarSivakumar, K
19-Apr-2018Experimental investigation of ball bearing vibration under wet lubricationE, PrakashSivakumar, K
16-Nov-2017Fabrication of electro optic modulator and optical limiting applications of organic semiorganic and inorganic single crystalsN, ElavarasuSivakumar, K
17-Sep-2014Optimal tolerance design of mechanical assemblies using finite element simulation and intelligent techniquesJayaprakash, GSivakumar, K
8-Jul-2014Organic transformations using zeolite supported reagents and modified mcm 41 as catalystsSivakumar, KLalitha, A
20-Dec-2012Organisational climate in Tamilnadu Cements Corporation Ltd., AriyalurSivakumar, KSethuramalinagam, V
12-Sep-2014Performance analysis of efficient data sampling in wireless mobile sensor networksSivakumar, KRavichandran, T
21-Mar-2016Structural studies on compounds of biological interestSivakumar, KNatarajan, S
10-Mar-2016Structure conformation anti bacterial and anti corrosion studies of substituted thiourea derivativesRamnathan, AkilanSivakumar, K
2-Jan-2014Studies on pure and Zn and Mn doped nanocrystalline CdS prepared by thermal decomposition using single source molecular precursorsMarx Nirmal RSivakumar, K
5-Aug-2013Synthesis and characterization of some rare earth based ceramic compoundsAnbarasu VSivakumar, K
16-Nov-2017Synthesis and characterization of strontium based perovskite and scheelite structured compoundsM, MuralidharanSivakumar, K
15-Mar-2018Synthesis and supramolecular structural investigations on organicorganic and organic inorganic hybrid saltsD, SathyaSivakumar, K
14-Oct-2014Xray crystallographic investigations on acridinedione schiff base derivatives and organic phosphate saltsBalamurugan, PSivakumar, K