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Upload DateTitleResearcherGuide(s)
4-Jun-2018A haematological study of some fresh and salt water Fishes of IndiaChattopadhyay, SomaSircar, Ajit K
14-Jun-2018Contribution to the study of the comparative morphology of the brain of some gobioid Fishes in relation to habit and habitatLahiri, Braja KishoreSircar, Ajit K
25-Jul-2017Effects of pesticides and industrial chemicals on some air breathing teleost Fishes and their food organismsSen, PrasantaSircar, Ajit K
26-Jul-2017Evaluation of glycogen in some index organs of some common edible teleost Fishes with relation to breeding cycleDasgupta, DebabrataSircar, Ajit K
26-Jul-2017Functional morphology of the urinogenital organs and gonadal cycle in some common snakes of Eastern IndiaMisra, SwatiSircar, Ajit K
25-Jul-2017On the functional anatomy of the reproductive organs and breeding biology of some common non poisonous snakes female of IndiaSaha, BishnupadaSircar, Ajit K
25-Jul-2017Reproductive biology of some common non poisonous snakes male of IndiaBhaumik, SibaniSircar, Ajit K
27-Jul-2017Role of catecholamines in the physiology of anabas testudineus BLOCHSen, KinsukSircar, Ajit K
26-Jul-2017Studies on the distribution of chromaffin cells in the heart gonad spleen adrenal and its homologue of some vertebratesDutta, PanchugopalSircar, Ajit K
26-Jul-2017Studies on the urinogenital organs and breeding biology of some Fishes order perciformesBhaumik, Anindya KisorSircar, Ajit K