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19-Apr-2016A study of pancreatic hormones adipocytokines and lipid profile of patients in DM type 2 with and without obesity a hospital based study in MMIMSR Mullana AmbalaSharma, PriyankaSodhi, K S
5-Apr-2019A study of the impact of financial inclusion in rural developmentSharma, PriyankaV K, Gautam
22-Oct-2014Analysis of QoS and traand#64259;c management issues in multimedia servicesSharma, PriyankaN.d.
29-Nov-2013Analysis of QoS and traffic management issues in multimedia servicesSharma, PriyankaKotecha, K
24-Feb-2014Atmospheric Chemistry of Surface Ozone its Precursors Particulate Pollutants in Relation to Indicators of Climate Change in the Kullu Valley Northwestern Indian HimalayaSharma, PriyankaChauhan, Kalpana
14-Aug-2017Bhas evam Bhavbhuti ki Ramkatha ka Samikchatmak AdhyaanSharma, PriyankaRastogi, Savita
6-Feb-2015Ecophysiological studies of brinjal solanum melongena and tomato lycopersicon esculentum in relation to cyper methrin and ethion pesticidesSharma, PriyankaAgarwal, P K
19-Oct-2016Effect of supplementation of vitamin C and iron on blood status in pregnant women in different trimesterSharma, PriyankaNagar, Ranjana and Mehta, Seema
31-Jan-2017Evaluation of Antimicrobial Activity of Selected Natural Products in the Management of Diabetic wound HealingSharma, PriyankaShrivastava,Archna co-guide Prasad G.B.K.S.
27-Aug-2019Female Subjectivization in the Select Plays of Vijay Tendulkar An Exploration through Western Intellectual Tradition and Indian AestheticsSharma, PriyankaMishra, Veerendra Kumar
27-Jul-2018Identification and characterization off the type off tremors in handwriting and expert opinion thereonChoudhary, Sumit KumarSharma, Priyanka
17-Oct-2016Jaishankar Prasad ke natya sahityaSharma, PriyankaSharma, Satyanarayana
22-Aug-2014Marketing of Consumer Durables in Rural India with Special Reference to Eastern RajasthanSharma, PriyankaDixit, K.D
11-Apr-2019Nanoscale surface designing of metal oxide nanoparticles for environmental remediationSharma, PriyankaRajeev Kumar and Chaudhary, Savita
13-Feb-2015Solanum melongena and tomato Lycopersicon esculentum in relation to Cyper methrin and ethion pesticidesSharma, PriyankaAgarwal, P K
27-Mar-2019The role of state Bank of India in priority sector lending in Indore regionSharma, PriyankaPathak, Ashish
10-Oct-2016Uttar bhartiye raag sangeet gayan mein sangeet vadyon dwara ras nishpati ek vivechanatmak adhyayanSharma, PriyankaPaul, Neelam