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9-Jun-2015Comparative Bioavailability and Steady State Levels of Different Formulations of Sodium Valproate Availble in India in Healthy Adult Male Human SubjectsKaur, Tanvir.Sharma, P. L.
3-Jun-2015Comparative Bioavailability of Some Commonly Used Analgesic and Anti Inflammatory Agents In Healthy Human Volunteers With Vegetarian and Non Vegetarian Dietary StatusMadhuri, V.Sharma, P. L.
3-Jun-2015Comparative Bioavailability of three Different Brands of Levofloxacin Tablets In Healthy Male Human SubjectsAnsari, Javed. Mohammad.Sharma, P. L.
11-Aug-2015Comparative Bioavailability of Three Different Marketed Formulations of Lithium Carbonate In Normal SubjectNazmi, Salman. AbdulSharma, P. L.
27-May-2015Comparative Effects of Fasting and of Five Different Breakfasts on The Bioavailability of A Single Oral Dose of Furosemide 80MG In Healthy Human Subjectsmanan, Shalini.Sharma, P. L.
9-Jun-2015Evaluation of Combination Diuretic Therapy in Combating Furosemide Resistance in Healthy Human VolunteersFatima, Ambrin.Sharma, P. L.
18-Jun-2015Evaluation of Comparative Pharmacokinetic and Pharmacodynamic Bioequivalence of Some Diltiazem Formulations in Healthy Human Male SubjectsAhmed, Tausif.Sharma, P. L.
9-Jun-2015An Evaluation of Hemodynamic Effects of The Fixed Dose Combination of Losartan and Amlodipine in Healthy Volunteers and Anti Hypertensive Efficacy of The Some Combination In Patients With Mild To Moderate HypertentionShankar, Noopur.Sharma, P. L.
27-May-2015Influence of Defferent Diets on The Bioavailability of An Extended Release Formulation of Cefaclor In Healthy Human Male Volunteers Human Male VolunteersKhan, Hussain. Ayaaz.Sharma, P. L.
9-Jun-2015Influence of Different Diets on Bioavailability of Conventional Cefaclor Formulation in Healthy Human Male VolunteersKarim, Shahid.Sharma, P. L.
3-Jun-2015Influence of Some Calcium Fortified Foods on The Bioavailability of Ciprofloxacin In Healthy Male Human SubjectsRao, Mallikarjuna, Dasari.Sharma, P. L.