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Upload DateTitleResearcherGuide(s)
23-Feb-2017Co operative in rural development a study of the role of the Cooch Behar Co operative agriculture and Rural Development Bank Ltd since 1977Sarkar, Amaresh Kanti.Sengupta, P K
28-Jul-2017Photoinitiated polymerization of methyl methacrylate in presence of 2 substituted mercaptobenzoxazoles as photoinitiatorsRay, Gourmohan SinhaSengupta, P K
18-Aug-2017Photoinitiated polymerization of methyl methacrylate using substituted 2 mercaptobenzthiazole and its redox combinationChakrabarti, AratiSengupta, P K
28-Jul-2017Photopolymerisation of vinyl monomers using dibenzthiazyl disulfide cyclohexyl benzthiazyl sulfenamide and cyclohexyl ammonium salt of 2 mercaptobenzthiazole as photoinitiatorsMukhopadhyay, IndranathSengupta, P K
28-Jul-2017Photopolymerization of methyl methacrylate using mercaptobenzthiazoles as photoinitiatorModak, MadhusudanSengupta, P K
23-Feb-2017Politics of reservation policy and its impact on the political process in IndiaDutta, DebasisSengupta, P K
28-Jul-2017Polymerization of vinyl monomers onto carbon blackPramanik, Apurba RanjanSengupta, P K
15-May-2017Social and political ideas of Gopal Krishna Gokhale a studyRoy, TarapadaSengupta, P K
23-Feb-2017Socialist leadership in India 1934 to 1952 a study of J P Narayan and Rammonohar LohiaNath, Jyoti BikashSengupta, P K
10-Jul-2017Some investigations on the participation of mercury salts in vinyl polymerisation and mercurated polymersDas, Alok SundarSengupta, P K
10-Oct-2017Spectroscopic and related biophysical studies on some therapeutically relevant compounds with proteins membranes and other microheterogenous systemsChaudhuri, SudipSengupta, P K
22-Sep-2017Spectroscopic studies of some biologically important moleculesSarkar, MunnaSengupta, P K
11-Oct-2017Spectroscopic studies of some biologically important molecules in different environmentsGuharay, JayantiSengupta, P K
28-Jul-2017Studies on blends of elastomers containing low unsaturationPradhan, Naba KumarSengupta, P K
20-Jun-2017Studies on electroinitiated polymerisation of acrylamide and methyl methacrylate in aqueous mediumChakrabarty, RamaSengupta, P K
10-Jul-2017Studies on fibre reinforced polypropylene compositesMukhopadhyay, DebabrataSengupta, P K
9-Aug-2018Studies on flavonoidsNath, SwadhinSengupta, P K
7-Aug-2018Studies on heterocyclic compoundsRoy, Jyoti BrataSengupta, P K
28-Jul-2017Studies on photochemical degradation and grafting of synthetic elastomers in presence of sulphur bearing compoundsGhosh, Parimal KumarSengupta, P K
28-Jul-2017Studies on photopolymerization of methylmethacrylate using ketone amine systems as initiatorModak, Sadhan KumarSengupta, P K