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Upload DateTitleResearcherGuide(s)
1-Aug-2018Association of N2 fixing microorganisms with green plants and its implicationsChoudhury, Manova SomSen, S P
3-Aug-2018Chemical environment gene function and morphogenetic eventsMukherjee, Alokananda Jana NeeSen, S P
31-Jul-2018Deoxyribonucleic acid and protein as tools for determination of taxonomic relatedness of some cryptogamsSadhukhan, Asok KumarSen, S P
20-Jun-2017Effect of growth regulating substances on enzyme systems in plant tissuesDatta, AnimaSen, S P
2-Aug-2018Exploitation of biological N2 fixation for improvement of crop yieldMukhopadhyay, DebabrataSen, S P
3-Aug-2018Exploitation of biological nitrogen fixation for nitrogen nutrition of plantsMisra, Rabindra KumarSen, S P
31-Jul-2018Genetic transformation in pseudomonads yeasts and other fungiKhan, Narayan ChandraSen, S P
31-Jul-2018In search of the site of action of plant growth substancesDas, JawaharlalSen, S P
31-Jul-2018Information flow in some growth differentiation and morphogenetic phenomenaGhosh, Jayanta KumarSen, S P
13-Aug-2018Nitrogen fixation by rhizobium in the phyllosphereMaiti, Tapas kumarSen, S P
1-Aug-2018Role of nucleic acid and protein synthesis in green plant ontogenySeal, Samarendra NathSen, S P
2-Aug-2018Some contributions to molecular taxonomy of plantsRoy, Dhriti Gopal DattaSen, S P
2-Aug-2018Studies on antibiotic activity of bryophytes and pteridophytesBandyopadhaya, RudradevSen, S P
31-Jul-2018Studies on lichens of eastern India with particular reference to their nitrogen fixing abilityRoy, TriptiSen, S P
31-Jul-2018Studies on nitrogen fixing microorganisms Some aspects of the possibilities of agricultural exploration of biological nitrogen fixationNandi, Ardhendu SekharSen, S P
31-Jul-2018Studies on nitrogen fixing microorganisms some phyllosphere nitrogen fixing microorganisms of eastern India and their utility in improvement of crop growthGupta, Banani SenSen, S P
1-Aug-2018Studies on some aspects of natural and radiation accelerated ageing with particular reference to nucleic acid and protein metabolismChaudhuri, ChinuSen, S P
20-Jun-2017Studies on some aspects of nucleic acid metabolism in plantsRoychoudhury, RanajitSen, S P
10-Aug-2018Studies on some aspects of source and sink relationshipMaitra, NiranjanSen, S P
2-Aug-2018Studies on some growth regulatorsDas, Upendra NathSen, S P